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Is GameFi Dead? The Sandbox And Decentraland, Metamortals Could Be The Next 100x Token


Surviving a bear market will mean looking to the past to see what happened during the bear market and learning from it. Looking at that past would also include following the models that eventually made new crypto millionaires in the last bull run.

Another key factor to be on the lookout for are projects that launch in a bear market; these are the ones that tend to return a lot of money in the bull run. The Sandbox and Decentraland are big names when it comes to GameFi. There are new players in the GameFi space, and one of the most interesting at the moment is Metamortals.

The Sandbox has created a reputable name for itself in the GameFi space. The Sandbox runs a decentralized virtual game on the Ethereum blockchain. The Sandbox is essentially a game where users purchase virtual NFT plots of land (referred to as “LAND”) on which they can build and share their experiences with other players.

The Sandbox, like Decentraland, is an example of a blockchain-based metaverse. SAND is the native token used to perform a variety of in-game transactions, such as buying LAND, engaging with user-created content, and token staking to have a voice in the government of the DAO.

The Sandbox has recently partnered with Metaprints to launch a metaverse game titled “Monkeying Around.” This game will feature the Bored Apes (BAYC) as the protagonists.

Decentraland (MANA) is a platform that allows its users to share part of a virtual world. Decentraland was co-founded by Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordanán in 2015 and launched in 2017. The platform started as a 2D project and gradually transitioned to 3D.

A marketplace that sells digital assets like land parcels and other personalized assets is at the heart of the 3-D virtual world. These assets can be purchased using the MANA native token. In an interview from December last year, Ari Meilich gave some stats about Decetraland and its users. According to this statistic, about 3 million active users and about 18,000 daily users.

Metamortals (MORT) is a cutting-edge platform that integrates saving, earning, and entertaining. The blockchain-based DeFi game Metamortals will transport players to a fantastic and adventurous world.

Metamortals aims to change how people generally view crypto games. The goal is to capitalize on a genre that is entertaining to play and looks great. Users of Metamortals can take on the forms of virtual avatars to explore a fantastic environment and participate in challenging adventure games.

The Metamortals token MORT will power this play-to-earn game. Metamortals aims to lower the entry barriers into the lucrative play-to-earn market by offering free in-game starter items to boost player engagement and income while they play.

What Is Metamortals (MORT) About?

Metamortals is a blockchain DeFi game that preferred not to follow in the footsteps of its peers by developing just another NFT gaming platform. Imagine a world where players may enjoy play-to-earn games without worrying about meeting overpriced basic requirements available in the gaming landscape of rivals.

The main idea here is to create a game that is faithful to traditional gaming patterns. Every game should be playable without expensive starting requirements and high entry barriers. MORT began as a BEP20 token based on the Binance Smart Chain, but being a multichain ecosystem, MORT token is compatible with many networks. Users can change their BSC-based tokens into Ethereum-based tokens through the cross-chain bridge.

What Is The Gameplay For Metamortals Like?

Participants in the blockchain-based DeFi game Metamortals will be submerged in a world of fantasy and adventure. The player is immersed in suspense from the start of the game, especially given the twists and turns the fantasy adventure will take.

The gaming platform has made the decision to change the gameplay as time passes, introducing new features and enhancing the thrilling gaming experience. Metamortals gives its users the option to personalize their gaming experience in an effort to increase interest.

Imagine having the ability to create a fantasy you have always wished to experience. Metamortals will feature two game modes, player versus environment (PvE) and player versus player (PvP).

Should I Be Playing PvP Or PvE?

The interesting thing about Metamortals is that the decisions are based on you. Irrespective of which you choose, having a great experience is all that matters. In PvE, you get to play against the game environment, you can call this a single-player mode. When this mode is chosen, you play against Metamortals AI character.

PvP mode is more like a multiplayer mode. In this mode, you get to play against a fellow human of your choice. You can also get to meet new players in the game and create teams to battle with other teams.

Metamortals Aims To Become A Perfect Blend Of A Virtual Social World And A Digital Economy.

Metamortals is building a virtual social community in which individuals from all over the world may interact. This is in addition to being a crypto game ecosystem. Real-time virtual interaction is possible because of the use of technologies like traditional social media, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality.

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Imagine being able to participate in a crypto gaming ecosystem, this goes beyond just playing games. Metamortals give community members who own MORT the chance to build a virtual economy, expand their resources, and make money.

Does Metamortals Have A DAO In Place?

Metamortals intends to transition from a traditional DeFi gaming protocol to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Users must own the ecosystem’s governance token, the MORT DAO token to become a community member.

This token will act as an access card to the DAO and allow community members to make critical decisions. Community members can vote on who they want to see on the council. DAOs differ from traditional governance systems in that just a few people determine what happens in a traditional business ecosystem.

When a major modification to the ecosystem is needed, a voting session is held. Participants can vote using their MORT DAO token to decide who they want to see in the governing council.

What Token Utility Should I Expect To Drive The Mort Token Demand And Increase Its Price?

It’s general knowledge that utility and hype are what drive a token’s price to new highs. Metamortals tokens aren’t without great utility since we have already touched on MORT tokens being used for DAOs and in-game purchases. Here are some other utilities for the MORT token: Trading on exchanges, transaction fees, staking, game rewards, and also yield farming rewards.

Does Metamortals Have A Tokenomics?

Yes, they do. There will be a total supply of 50.000,000 MORT tokens. 40% of this will be dedicated to the play-to-earn, 10% would be available during the presale rounds, 10% would be allocated to the team, 5% would go to the developers that built Metamortals, 20% of the tokens would be for the MORT liquidity pool, 5% would be airdropped and the last 10% would be for staking.

What Can We Expect In The Future From Metemortals Project?

Metamortals has a lot planned for the future, although unwrapping all of these will happen one step at a time. In the future, Metamortals will bring; A launchpad listing, Pancake swap DEX listing, Community blog, Partnerships, Marketing campaigns, DEX & yield farm, Major exchange listing, hackathons, and sponsorships. The game will also be released on testnet and mainnet later.

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