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Why meme coin whales keep buying Tamadoge


What are cryptocurrency whales buying? After the crash that is affecting the crypto market in 2022, investors are looking for the best meme coins to buy now. There are currently several whales and investors interested in buying TAMA, a new NFT project that aims to transform the online gaming industry by introducing decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. 

This guide will look at one of the best new meme coins and why whales are hoarding Tamadoge. 

Why Tamadoge got the attention of meme coin whales in 2022

In this part of our guide, we will look at the 5 reasons why Tamadoge is getting the attention of meme coin whales in 2022. 

Affordable price 

On 25 July 2022, TAMA launched a beta presale. Investors could buy Tamadoge for $0.01 each, with a minimum expected purchase of 1,000 tokens ($10). To buy TAMA, investors can use ETH or USDT, then convert their cryptocurrencies to TAMA. Or, users can buy TAMA with fiat currency using a debit or credit card.  

The beta phase of the presale ended well in advance, and now the second phase is underway, which has seen an increase from the first listing.


However, the price remains low, which concurs to nominate TAMA among the best cryptocurrencies under 1 euro to buy in 2022. 

Invest in the Tamadoge pre-sale

Deflationary token

One of the benefits associated with buying Tamadoge is that it aims to be a deflationary token. For example, cryptocurrencies such as Doge and Shiba Inu do not have the same inflation-containing system, as they have grown the number of available tokens over the years.   

Dogecoin has grown its supply of tokens from the initial 100 billion to the current 132 billion, so supply has exceeded demand. In contrast, TAMA has a system that determines the decrease in available tokens over time and has set the threshold for supply at 2 billion tokens. 


Specifically, 5% of all TAMA spent in the platform are destroyed. This causes the number of tokens to gradually decrease. In this way, investors can hope that the value of the token will increase over time and yield significant gains.  

No transaction fees 

Another important cryptocurrency aspect of the Tamadoge project is that it does not charge fees on transactions by users who buy, sell or trade tokens. There are several ecosystems that take a percentage of users’ profits to support activity on the network. 

In contrast, the developers of TAMA have stated that it must be the ecosystem itself that produces the necessary profits. This arrangement favors the network users themselves since they can count on higher revenues once they have completed transactions. 

Long-term investment 

One of the weaknesses of meme coin investments concerns long-term stability. While Bitcoin and Ethereum have gone through phases of price corrections, they have always generated profits in the long run. In contrast, meme coins go through rapid pump and dump phases making them highly risky.  

What makes TAMA unique is that it has positioned itself as a meme coin, but at the same time also as a utility token. Its function is linked to Tamaverse, the P2E ecosystem in which users can generate earnings as they play. Players can buy Tamadoge puppies, which are unique avatars in the form of NFTs. The virtual dogs fight in battles against other players who compete for TAMA prizes raffled off in the prize pools.  

TAMA is also the tool for purchasing NFTs in the Tama store. That is why in the long term the utility is maintained. The next stages of development include listing the token in different exchanges. It pays to buy TAMA now and hold the investment for the long term. Here’s how TAMA prepares to become one of the best utility tokens in 2022. 

Next steps in the roadmap 

Certainly, a good cryptocurrency investment requires a thorough analysis of the project and the plans laid out for the future. Many whales see TAMA as an intriguing opportunity because of future updates planned for ecosystem development.  

TAMA will continue to be listed on major decentralized (DEX) and centralized (CEX) exchanges, such as LBank and UniSwap. 


In addition to the application running on the web, the P2E game will also be developed as an Augmented Reality app by the end of 2023. This version will retain the same features as the web-based game, but will offer easier access to the Tamaverso. Given the rapid development of apps to connect to the metaverse, it is to be believed that it has all the potential to become one of the best NFT games on the market. 

Another project in the pipeline includes the launch of a series of P2E games to expand the range of games connected to Tamadoge and offer the chance to win real prizes.  

Buy Tamadoge on presale

What is Tamadoge?

Tamadoge (TAMA) is the native cryptocurrency and utility token of the Tamaverse. This in turn is a decentralized crypto project that powers several P2E gaming functions. It allows players to earn rewards by competing in battles within the community. 

Tamadoge pets are the very essence of this P2E system. They are unique avatars in NFT format that can be purchased, cared for, raised and trained to fight in battles. Players compete with other members to win as many points as possible and get the prizes up for grabs in the “dogepools” for those who climb the leaderboard. 

In the store you don’t just buy Tamdoge pets, there are also other virtual items for sale such as accessories, food, and more that you can use to care for your pet. All of these items are for sale in exchange for TAMA, and the proceeds thus obtained are divided among three prize pools. 

5% of the entire amount of tokens spent in the store is destroyed by burning operations and thus keep the supply below the demand threshold. In addition, 30% is used for marketing purposes so as to ensure more social outlet and become increasingly popular. Finally, 65% of everything spent on the stores is redistributed within the pools that form the P2E prize pool. Players who manage to climb the leaderboard are awarded prizes.  

Tamadoge’s (TAMA) analysis

In addition to providing numerous P2E-like features and an NFT-centric protocol, TAMA’s tokenomics also reveals noteworthy elements. 50% of all TAMA were put up for pre-sale, in the beta phase selling for $0.01 each. The first phase of the presale ended well in advance, and now it is possible to participate in the presale and purchase 40 TAMA for $1, and the price will continue to rise. 


20% of the entire allocation of tokens has been reserved for sale on exchanges, centralized and decentralized, such as LBank and UniSwap. The remaining 30% will be released over the next 10 with minting operations.  

For now, the Tamaverse is in its early stages. In addition to Tamadoge pets, the metaverse also plans to host several Augmented Reality-based apps, with all the extra revenue opportunities this kind of development can bring, which include a number of connected games and even a virtual dog park.

Those interested in learning more about the project can join the official Telegram group and stay updated. Admins never contact first via DM, beware of scams and malicious people pretending to be administrators or moderators.  


Minimum investment 1.000 TAMA ($20 + gas fee)
Maximum investment N/D
MPurchase method ETH, USDT, Card via Transak
Blockchain Ethereum
Beta presale Ended
Presale Ends in fourth quarter 2022


Buy Tamadoge on presale

How to Buy Tamadoge (TAMA)

Below is a step-by-step guide to buying Tamadoge in 2022. 

Step 1: Create a crypto wallet 

You need to have a crypto wallet to buy Tamadoge.

For example, you can use MetaMask, one of the best crypto wallets, which allows users to buy TAMA on presale.  

Just visit MetaMask’s website and click on ‘Download’. 

Step 2: Buy ETH or USDT

To buy Tamadoge you need ETH or USDT which you can buy from any crypto exchange and then transfer to your MetaMask wallet. 

You can also buy TAMA with a credit or debit card through Transak’s on-ramp fiat service.

Step 3: Link MetaMask to Tamadoge presale

The next step is to go to the Tamadoge website, click ‘Connect Wallet’ and choose your wallet provider to connect it to the presale platform. 

Follow the wallet’s on-screen instructions. 

Step 4: Buy TAMA  

The last step involves the actual purchase of TAMA. Simply enter the amount of TAMA you wish to buy and select ‘Convert ETH’ or ‘Convert USDT’. The minimum purchase is set at 1,000 TAMA.

To claim their TAMA, investors will have to wait until the end of the presale. Only then will it be possible to visit the homepage of the Tamadoge website and click on ‘claim’. 

Buy Tamadoge in pre-sale

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