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This Up-and-Coming Coin Is the Best Kept Crypto Secret of 2022


Some coins burst onto the crypto scene with a huge amount of buzz, but little substance and then flame out quickly. Meanwhile, others slowly but surely build up a loyal community, quietly constructing a strong foundation of bear-resistant utilities to protect them from market volatility.

One such coin is RBIS, the token fueling the ArbiSmart wallet and financial services hub. The EU authorized and registered project is generating unmatched profits, from multiple utilities, across its crypto finance ecosystem. It has been steadily expanding into new areas and adding crash-resilient services that make it an attractive home for investors in the current crypto climate.

Steady Growth through the Downturn

In today’s market conditions, crypto investors don’t just want to HODL and wait for the market to recover. Rather, they want the opportunity to put their money to work to make a steady profit, with minimal exposure to market volatility. 

One way in which ArbiSmart is offering low-risk, bear-resistant passive profits is with its automated crypto arbitrage platform. 

Crypto arbitrage makes money from temporary price disparities between exchanges, which arise with equal regularity in bull and bear markets. The emerge frequently for all sorts of reasons such as differences in trading volume and liquidity between smaller exchanges and bigger ones.  

The ArbiSmart crypto arbitrage system is fully automated. The user just signs up, makes a deposit, and then gets on with their day. Their funds are then converted into RBIS for use in arbitrage trading, generating consistent and reliable profits of up to 45% a year, depending on the amount invested. 


The system is integrated with 35 crypto exchanges where it tracks hundreds of digital assets, 24/7, to identify disparities. To make a profit, the algorithm automatically buys the asset on whichever exchange offers it cheapest before instantly selling it on whichever exchange offers the top price.

Another crash-proof utility in the ArbiSmart ecosystem is the interest-generating wallet, which was launched just recently, at the start of Q3.  The wallet offers unequalled rates in the industry, reaching up to 147% a year, and the amount of interest that the wallet holder receives will remain the same regardless of shifting market conditions.

The wallet supports 25 popular FIAT and cryptocurrencies, providing savings plans to meet the needs of all types of crypto owners, from short-term 1-month and 3-month plans to longer-term 2-year, 3-year and 5-year plans.  The longer the funds are locked in a plan, the higher the interest rate. Rates also differ, depending on how the wallet holder chooses to receive their interest each day. It can be sent to a separate balance where it is always available for withdrawal, or it can be added to the funds on which it is being generated, in the locked savings balance, for a higher profit.


The primary factor impacting how much interest a wallet holder earns is their account level which is determined by how much RBIS they own.  Every time a wallet holder buys RBIS then their account level rises, and they earn a better rate on savings balances in Euro, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ape Coin, or any other supported currency.   

If a savings balance is in RBIS then it will earn triple the interest of savings balances in any other FIAT or digital currency. However wallet holders can still keep their balance in a preferred coin like USD or BTC and improve their interest rate by receiving their daily interest in RBIS.

Anticipated Future Growth

While other projects have streamlined and reduced their activities as they wait for the storm to pass, ArbiSmart has quietly been laying the groundwork for a massive expansion, with multiple new utilities about to be introduced in Q3 and Q4 of 2022. 

In the coming weeks, the development team will be releasing the ArbiSmart app, which will enable users to buy, sell, exchange and store digital assets. Almost simultaneously, it will be introducing an NFT marketplace, where participants will be able to purchase and sell all types of non-fungible tokens, including an exclusive collection of one-of-a-kind ArbiSmart NFT’s. 

This will be immediately followed by the launch of a decentralized yield farming service with unique gamification features that will offer industry-leading rewards for liquidity providers, including up to 190,000% APY, plus 0.3% of the fees from each trade. Q4 will also see the introduction of a play-to-earn metaverse, where gamers can earn real-world revenue from buying, selling and developing virtual real-estate, as well as the launch of a cryptocurrency exchange.


Use of more than one of the interlinked utilities in the ArbiSmart hub will be financially beneficial. So, purchasing an ArbiSmart NFT can improve a yield farmer’s annual percentage yield or raise their metaverse game-score. 

Shrinking Supply and Soaring Demand 

The ArbiSmart ecosystem has been slowly but steadily gaining momentum since the crypto crash. Increasing numbers of crypto investors see it as a place where they can safely store their digital assets, while also making a consistent return on investment, even in a crypto winter.

The new wallet is steadily building its userbase and as more and more RBIS is getting locked in savings plans, leaving circulation, the finite supply is diminishing. The amount of RBIS that can ever be minted is forever capped at 450 million, so as demand for the token rises, exceeding the available supply, the price is set to rise.


Further pressure on the supply will result from the fact that all the new utilities being introduced in the final months of 2022 will require use of RBIS. 

All these factors will mean that RBIS owners will benefit from massive capital gains on the rising value of the token, in record time. In fact, analysts are expecting an incredible 7,000% surge in token price by the end of 2022. 

To start profiting, before the rest of the crypto community wakes up to the insane profit potential of this exciting up-and-comer, buy RBIS today

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