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See why RBIS Coin is projected to climb 300% this fall


It’s been a rough ride for many on board the crypto rollercoaster in 2022, but not all coins have been on a downward turn. In fact, many have been gaining traction in the bear market, soaring as they expand their services and grow their communities at a rapid pace. 

One such coin is RBIS, the token behind ArbiSmart, an interest-bearing wallet and financial services hub that is projected to surge to over seventy times its current value by early 2023.

Pocketing a huge profit

A major reason for the wide-spread optimism regarding the RBIS token is the new wallet that was introduced in July of this year. It offers crypto owners a way to safely store their capital in a secure, EU authorized and regulated account while generating top industry rates of up to 147% a year. 


Since the interest rate will remain the same regardless of which way the market moves, you can continue to make a consistent profit in either a downturn or an upturn and this bear-resilience has made it an attractive choice for crypto holders over the last couple of months.

The wallet supports 25 FIAT and cryptocurrencies, including leading traditional currencies like EUR, USD and GBP; crypto A-listers like BTC, ETH, XRP and COMP, as well as popular rising stars like APE, AXS, GALA and MANA. 

Funds can be kept accessible and stored interest free, or placed in a locked savings balance for periods of 1 and 3 months, or for longer stretches of 2, 3, or 5 years, with longer plans generating higher interest. How the interest is received is also flexible. It can be paid out each day to an available balance where it can be withdrawn any time or added to the locked balance alongside the funds on which it is being generated, in which case the rate will be higher. 

The wallet holder’s interest rate is decided by their account level, which is based on how much RBIS they own. Whether their savings balance is in BTC, SHIB or EUR, the profit on the plan is higher the more RBIS they hold.

If the wallet holder chooses to open a savings plan in RBIS, they will earn triple the interest rate earned by savings plans in any other supported currency. However, if they prefer to keep their balance in Bitcoin or USD, they can still boost their profits by opting to receive their interest in RBIS.

The arbitrage advantage

Another popular utility in the ArbiSmart ecosystem right now is the automated crypto arbitrage service, which offers an excellent hedge against falling prices.

As with the wallet, little effort is involved. Users simply deposit funds, which are automatically converted into RBIS and then used to perform crypto arbitrage. This is a low-risk strategy that involves taking advantage of the fact that temporarily, a coin can be simultaneously available on a number of exchanges at different prices. These brief price disparities occur for various reasons, such as a difference in trading volume between a smaller exchange and a larger one and they will occur regardless of market direction.


The way it works is that the ArbiSmart’s system, integrated with nearly 40 exchanges, monitors a massive array of coins round the clock. When it finds a price disparity, it buys at the lowest offered price and within a split-second, sells at the highest price, automatically generating a profit before the price disparity resolves itself.   

From a marketplace to a Metaverse 

Rather than waiting out the bear trend, ArbiSmart development team has shifted into high gear in the second half of 2022.  

Over the coming months a number of new utilities are about to be introduced, starting with a mobile application allowing users to purchase, exchange, store and sell crypto. This will be immediately followed by the release of a decentralized yield farming service with unique gamification features. Q4 will see the introduction of an NFT marketplace, where users will be able to buy and sell Non-Fungible Tokens and this will be accompanied by the launch of an exclusive collection of completely original ArbiSmart NFT’s. On top of all this, the developers also plan to introduce a major crypto exchange as well as a play-to-earn gaming metaverse. 

Each of the services in the ArbiSmart crypto ecosystem provides its own individual source of revenue from gaming to liquidity mining and trading but they are also all interconnected, leading to higher profits when more than one service is used across the hub. For example, holding an ArbiSmart NFT can increase a liquidity provider’s APY, or it can be used by a gamer to boost their score in the metaverse. 


How all these factors impact the RBIS price

Like with the automated crypto arbitrage system, use of all the new services in the development pipeline for the coming weeks and months will require RBIS. Also keep in mind that holding RBIS is also required to earn interest on the funds stored in an ArbiSmart wallet. 


The number of tokens that can ever be created is finite, permanently capped at 450 million RBIS. So, as demand rises, the token supply will continue to shrink. 

Demand is set to quickly outpace supply, pushing up the RBIS price, as the wallet gains momentum and as the new RBIS utilities are added to the ecosystem. This price surge will generate fantastic capital gains for RBIS holders on top of the profits earned from using any of the individual ArbiSmart services.  

To start earning a profit from your crypto whichever direction the market is moving, open a wallet today!

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