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These are the next generation of cryptocurrencies: Big Eyes Coin, Sandbox, and Avalanche


When Cryptocurrency initially appeared on the scene, there were several discussions and rumors regarding the future of the Crypto industry. Over time, individuals began to realize that the Cryptocurrency market could promote economic and social growth in both established and developing nations globally.

Cryptocurrencies have facilitated the establishment of global industries, allowing them to flourish and develop.

As interest in cryptocurrencies continues to rise, it has become abundantly evident that human existence will never be the same over the next two decades, and many traders are eager to hop aboard this train.

Beyond the financial sector, the number of cryptocurrencies has expanded into diverse facets of human life, including health and wellness, environmental development, and even charitable giving. These digital assets have also brought in a brand new era of science and technology that in return has contributed to making human life a whole lot easier.

Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin is enjoyable and addictive

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a meme currency that aspires to capitalize on meme value and utility power to become an enormously profitable endeavor. 

Big Eyes Coin aims to provide its users with much more than the common and basic humor of a meme coin; rather, the Big Eyes Coin initiative is a full-fledged community token that pledges to donate 5% of its profits to ocean-related projects such as marine life conservation, thereby preserving a vital part of the global ecosystem. 

Big Eyes Coin’ community tokens are also a source of money for the group’s members.

The objective of Big Eyes Coin is to redirect wealth into the DeFi ecosystem.

The Big Eyes Coin mascot, a kitten with huge eyes, is prominent in the Japanese animation scene and marks a revolution from the dog-based themes that have become extensively embraced by meme coins, catching the attention of several crypto enthusiasts and cat lovers.

Changes in the Big Eyes Coin ecosystem are also dictated by its community, and users are permitted to engage in amusing and addictive activities that mimic the traits of cats; this is done to attract users to join in the community-building process.

SandBox is the virtual reality king

SandBox is a video game that allows players to possess non-fungible tokens representing a portion of the world (NFT). Celebrity companies such as Adidas, Ubisoft, The Smurfs, and even Gucci have taken an interest in the coin, and there is a great probability that users will encounter these celebrities in the metaverse.

It resembles classic games, and users who acquire an NFT called LAND PARCEL and utilize it to build customized experiences would be responsible for developing the destinations and games on the map.

Sandbox stands apart due to the exclusivity it provides users, the ability to control an area in a game world, the freedom to build and define what their world can be like, and the ability to freely interact with other users.

Creators can construct based on their vision and ingenuity, while LAND owners have the chance to generate a profit by selling their LAND.

Avalanche is speedy and safe

Avalanche is a digital currency that employs smart contracts and proof-of-stake mechanisms. As one of the well-known “Ethereum-killers,” Avalanche offers the fastest transaction speeds, and the most secure and interoperable platform, making it a formidable opponent to Ethereum.

The Avalanche platform may be used to create new coins and provides users with access to a worldwide network that is diverse, interconnected, and decentralized.

Avalanche uses three blockchains under a single-layer protocol, which dramatically increases the number of transactions that can be conducted on its platform.

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