Introducing Rocketize: the next generation meme coin to propel your galactic journey
Introducing Rocketize: the next generation meme coin to propel your galactic journey

Introducing Rocketize: the next generation meme coin to propel your galactic journey

By Crypto Advertising - 27 Sep 2022

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Cryptocurrencies might be experiencing a massive low, but that doesn’t stop enthusiasts from seeking suitable currencies to put their money on. One major factor that makes meme coins a worthwhile investment is that they’re inexpensive. With just a few dollars, traders can acquire hundreds of millions of these currencies. 

Because many do not have a mechanism for coin burning, they often come in a vast supply that makes their prices lower than other regular currencies in the cryptocurrency market. However, not all meme coins are guaranteed to bring profitable returns. Rocketize is a meme coin that promises to boost better personal finances for users while giving them the regular dose of fun and entertainment that comes with meme coins. 


Rocketize is a community-driven DeFi system designed to provide users with financial revenues while maintaining the charm and humor that comes with every regular meme coin in blockchain crypto. Its native token, JATO, is a BEP20 token that runs on the Binance Smart chain. Rocketize Token carefully uses the power of the community as a varied and ever-expanding skill pool to advance the ecosystem. This is accomplished by utilizing decentralized tools and governance, which allow organization members more power over their choices. 

Transactions on the network are carried out using the JATO token. The initial supply for the JATO token will be one trillion. After the tokens have been distributed, half of them will be burnt to regulate supply. With some of the tokens burnt and a significant supply reduction, there will be an equivalent increase in the token‘s demand. Demand will be boosted respectively, which would, in turn, benefit holders in generating profit. 

Aside from being a means of generating profit, the Rocketize ecosystem will be a community of like-minded individuals and people interested in the meme culture in blockchain crypto. The network aims to create a global community and develop a social media presence to establish the cryptocurrency market properly. 

With the Rocketize token, JATO, the system promises to build a cryptocurrency with real-life applications for its users. Below are some of these use cases and how they can benefit holders and users on the network. 

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NFT Marketplace 

With the rate of development we’ve witnessed in the NFT space lately, many DeFi protocols are taking the queue to become a part of such a system. This is precisely the case with Rocketize too. Rocketize will create an NFT platform where users can conveniently find, purchase, and trade their NFTs. 

Bridges and Swaps on Rocketize 

To maximize the utility of the larger DeFi area, Rocketize Token is looking into creating bridges to connect several networks, including Fantom, Polygon, xDai, BSC, and others. This first stage marks the beginning of the development of a more capable cross-chain exchange, which only increases the possibilities of having a more capable chain as opposed to the traditional bridge. 

Decentralized Exchange Consensus Protocols 

In decentralized finance, systems are managed by the people in a democratic setting. And it isn’t any different with Rocketize, as the system will be managed by the entire community rather than a small crew. Rocketize Token uses a programmable DEX run by a DAO to return power to the people. 

Ideally, one of the primary reasons most people migrated from centralized exchanges is the privacy, security code, and authority it gives them as opposed to traditional exchanges. The DAO-DEX feature on Rocketize relinquishes control to holders and users on the network. 

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Crowdfunding on Rocketize 

The Rocketize community is working on providing crowdfunding mechanisms different from the norm. Rocketize Token will assist innovators, producers, independent artists, creators, and entrepreneurs with developing new business models that might be used with NFTs and micro-transaction apps. Ultimately, the aim of Rocketize as a new cryptocurrency is to provide enough earning means for users while also proffering feasible solutions to existing problems in the system.

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