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what are the top Play-2-Earn options on the coin market: Decentraland, Axie Infinity, and Moshnake


The most interesting thing about the coin market is that it’s filled with plenty of alternatives. There are different coin categories. Each category has its unique characteristics and how players can earn from each. Play-2-Earn coins are an interesting category because they allow players to earn for their interaction with the blockchain. It’s a double benefit – make while also having fun. If you’re interested in play-2-earn games, we’ve come up with a list of the best options that you can try out. 

Decentraland (MANA) One Of The Largest Cryptos

Decentraland was released in 2021, but it has quickly become one of the largest most-talked-about coins in the crypto space. Users on the Decentraland project take advantage of a chance to be on the metaverse. They also enjoy a cryptocurrency that has a special use case. When you sign up on the Decentraland ecosystem, you’ll be able to purchase digital plots of land on the metaverse. Like buying real land, you’ll be able to develop and improve the ground as you deem fit. 

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You’ll find two tokens on the Decentraland ecosystem – MANA and LAND. LAND is a digital representation of the digital plots. MANA is the cryptocurrency token on the blockchain. You can use it to purchase LAND and other in-game items. Decentraland’s play-2-earn element comes when you let your money accrue after improving your plot. The more improvements are made to your digital story, the more money you will earn. You’d do well to note that there are a limited number of properties available for sale on Decentraland.

Axie Infinity (AXS): the crypto project 

Axie Infinity is a cryptocurrency project that fully sticks to the play-2-earn dynamics. The game was developed revolving around Pokemon-like creatures known as Axies. Axie Infinity is miles ahead of other blockchain-based games because it adopts a high synergy between online gaming and blockchain technology. Because of its popularity, it’s easily one of the best p2E blockchain-based games. 

While playing this game, players can collect Axies as virtual pets. You’ll be responsible for caring for these pets, breeding, and raising them. Furthermore, you can build kingdoms for your Axies. This game allows players to own virtual assets and rewards them for getting to a certain skill level. To get started on this ecosystem, players will need to connect their digital wallets to their Axie Infinity accounts. You’ll find steps to do this in the game’s onboarding guide. As soon as you have connected your account, you can get started. To begin your journey on Axie Infinity, you’ll need at least 3 Axies. The price of an Axie varies greatly, depending on its attributes, rarity, experience, etc. 

Moshnake: the new Play-2-Earn coin 

Moshnake is a new play-2-earn coin. But it adopts a nostalgic gaming experience to keep players returning – a snake game. This game aims to allow players to earn from taking care of their snakes. The more you feed your snake, the more you’ll earn. Money will also be made from competing in a battle royale. The battle royale will pit different players against each other. This contest will determine whose snake is the strongest. The strength of your snake will depend on its base attributes and the level of improvement you’ve put into it.  Moshnake

Moshnake lets you buy from different snake categories. And all of these categories are inexpensive. They are affordable and will give everyone a fair chance at competing. If you’re a fan of play-2-earn games, Moshnake is a name you should try. At the same time, it’s a relatively new coin. Many people have commented about the nostalgic feeling of playing a snake game. There’s plenty of hype building around Moshnake, and it would be a great mistake not to try it out. 

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