London Fashion Week: Dedicated To The Legacy of Queen Elizabeth II
London Fashion Week: Dedicated To The Legacy of Queen Elizabeth II

London Fashion Week: Dedicated To The Legacy of Queen Elizabeth II

By Valeriya Georgieva - 1 Oct 2022

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London Fashion Week [LFW] presented by Clearpay September 2022, was dedicated to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. As a business-to-business event, LFW continued while observing The Royal Protocol. 

The creative and business fashion community demonstrated their strong union to celebrate the Queen’s legacy and dedication to creativity and design.

Jonathan Anderson  who was several years overseas came back to London and was among the designers keen to see shows go ahead despite the unusual times. He showed his future-thinking collection to an intimate crowd, and offered his own nod to the Queen with a black T-shirt dress that read: “Her Majesty The Queen, 1926-2022, Thank you.” 

 In a statement Anderson said: 

“Now we must stand together and continue to create the incredible stories that this city is known for”.

Some of our readers are addicted to fashion which is at the end a true expression and the core of every individualist. If you look closely at the leaders in the crypto world and the way all of them are being dressed, you will catch some tendencies and common ways to show off  their anarchic position. Now we are going to talk about the fashion week in London. 

As we all can see fashion has jumped into the digital world with confidence: an entire fashion week took place in the metaverse earlier this month.

London Fashion Week

The Fashion industry is getting more and more interconnected with technology.

So it’s no surprise that the latest digital fashion event, which is already a week is taking place in London, was hosted by Meta, arguably one of the leading forces guiding the metaverse and all the attention it receives. And while the event was founded on the marriage of fashion and tech, it was far more focused on celebrating the LGBTQ creative community.

One of the greatest names was Jens Laugesen, the creative mind of the award-winning eponymous brand and founder of holistic/design/luxury/tech advisory collective Konsens X, together with an international collective of talented digital artists, Virtual Touch digital lab team in Hong Kong and supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, presented the META\SENS digital collaboration project. With META\SENS digital fashion collaboration project, Jens sets out to explore the meaning of new visual hybrid semantics and align his work in the metaverse with the metamodern in-between arena as defined by Dutch theorist Timotheus Vermeulen and Robin van der Akker, exploring the oscillation between a certain nostalgic return to the past and utopian dream of the future and the enlarged space between body and garment in the post-pandemic metaverse. 

Building on the meta-redefinition of hybrid space and in-between garment objects, this project contrasts  his craft training in artisan couture draping techniques with new digital design and pattern cutting and 3D development methodologies. By combining conventional low-tech craft with the latest high-tech digital, Jens sets out to explore how digital draping tools of Clo3d or Browzwear can be used not only as a visual rendering of ultimate super realistic fantasies and digital garment/pattern production tools but also as a creative cut and-paste iteration tool, similar to the analogue collage artworks of the surrealist and the post-digital photoshop 2D design aesthetic of the 90s.

Wild Capture, a technology and services company for the creation of digital humans, has announced that it is partnering with The Immersive KIND NFT Gallery and 3D Fashion House, a multidisciplinary collective exploring “tomorrow” through creative technology, at London Fashion Week 2022.

Wild Capture was represented by Kadine James, one of the global metaverse strategist at Accenture and CEO and Founder of The Immersive KIND, to produce bespoke digital human performance models specifically for artists Tetiana Rozmoritsa, Yashvanth Kumar, and Aya Skikh whose designs are included in the collective’s various experiential events during the show.

According to James, the collaboration with Wild Capture supports a metaverse fashion experience that is reflective of the future of the fashion industry. The event is hosted on Spatial as a virtual reality and went  live on Wednesday, September 21, and  will remain on display until September 28, 2022. The experience aims to bring together designers, artists, musicians, DJs, and innovators from around the world to celebrate the explosion of creativity taking place in London in true Web 3.0 style.

Wild Capture’s next generation Digital Human Platform enables artists and creators to produce high-quality digital humans with cutting-edge volumetric video technologies. For The Immersive KIND, Wild Capture imported the artist’s clothing models into its Cohort Fashion (Cohort) tool that blends volumetric video, AI, and USD technologies to capture a live human performance from many angles simultaneously. The Cohort pipeline creates customized, computer-generated lifelike physics and texture onto three-dimensional digital human characters for each virtual performer that will be projected for display at the event.

Valeriya Georgieva

Over 10+ years work experience in managing and supporting variety of technology enabled products and services of the Fortune 500 Companies.  Specialised in IT Business Process Outsourcing.  In 2018 Valeriya  joined the Crypto industry and is currently contributing to startups and small teams with projects based on open source. In 2020 Valeriya started her webinar called Shoes in Bitcoin, which is focused on learning the technology.

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