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CryptoPunk 2924 sells for $4.4 million. What does the future of Big Eyes Coin, Binance, and Decentraland NFTs hold?


It was recently revealed that CryptoPunk 2924, one of the 10,000 in existence from this iconic NFT line, sold for 3,300 ETH, which is currently valued at over $4.45 Million.

Seeing NFTs sell at such astronomical prices, especially a year after the NFT boom of Summer 2021, is proof of just how valuable these crypto assets still are. Will the NFTs of Big Eyes Coin, Binance, and Decentraland be able to reach similar heights?

Big Eyes Coin

In this article we will look closely at these three crypto projects and the NFTs available, to find out what potential they may hold for investors.

Decentraland NFTs Makes The Gaming Experience Your Own

As a Metaverse project, Decentraland’s business model is one largely shaped by NFTs and their perpetually developing value. 

In Decentraland, users can create NFT items for in-game use that can be sold, bought, and traded within the community. These NFTs can be labelled with rarity as a way to indicate their value, making some NFTs more desirable than others.

As one of the most successful Metaverse projects currently available on the market, Decentraland’s extensive collection of NFTs is likely to only continue growing in value as the game becomes more popular. As Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes, the Metaverse is the future, and if this is to be believed, so too are the NFT items that populate them.

Big Eyes Coin NFT Sushi Crew To Provide An Experience

Big Eyes Coin is a community-based, cat-themed meme token with an objective to shake up the market. One way it intends to do this is through its NFT line, which will be able to be bought, sold, traded, and used as a way to show investors the value of the Big Eyes Coin project.

More than just the monetary value of these NFTs contributes to the overall value of getting involved in Big Eyes Coins NFT Sushi Crew. Picking up one of these NFTs also allows holders to get involved with exclusive events and community aspects, making these NFTs also act as passes to social events and other fun opportunities.

They say there is not a price tag that can be put on happiness, and thanks to the memories that can be made with access to Sushi Crew events, these Big Eyes Coin NFTs could be described as priceless. The pricelessness of experience is also likely to be a reason for the NFTs rising in value upon launch, making the marketplace for these NFTs likely to be a bustling one. 

Currently, Big Eyes Coin is in its third presale phase, having earned over $3.2 Million as of the writing of this article. The NFT Sushi Crew is set to drop later along the project’s roadmap, making it a good idea to stay informed as the project continues to grow and develop.

For links to Big Eyes Coins’ social media platforms and website, scroll down to the end of this article. 

Big Eyes Coin

Binance NFT Market Provides Aces For Artists

Last, but certainly not least, we have Binance, and their sprawling NFT Marketplace.

Binance’s NFT Marketplace hosts a wide range of NFTs from projects all over the world, with purposes ranging from Metaverse items, GameFi assets, and collectable art pieces set to rise in value. From anime-style GameFi cards to 3D renders of ducks in streetwear, there is an NFT for everyone on the Binance NFT Marketplace.

For NFT creators, Binance is a great choice platform to host and sell works on. As one of the biggest and most secure blockchain networks on the market, Binance can leave artists reassured that their work is in safe hands, and will likely not fall victim to fraud. Furthermore, with the choice to put NFTs on the market with BUSD or BNB, artists are given the freedom to be paid their way.

Sounds good? Then don’t miss out on Binance!

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