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Hugo Boss are getting NFTs. But how are other brands collabing with the Sandbox and Polygon, and what Is Big Eyes Coin doing differently?


Fashion giant Hugo Boss recently announced the release of their NFT collection, consisting of five NFTs hosted by UnknownOrigin that fans can win via participation in their TikTok challenge. 

This is not the first time that brands have gotten involved with NFTs. From Coca-Cola’s collaboration with Polygon to Thunderbirds’ collaboration with The Sandbox, brands across the world have been dipping their toes in the NFT pool. But how effective are these NFTs? And what are projects like Big Eyes Coin doing differently with their NFT collection?

In this article, we will look at these brands and their collaborations with blockchain technology, before looking into the other benefits that NFTs can provide by looking further into Big Eyes Coin.

Big Eyes Coin  

The Sandbox X thunderbirds brings 1960s nostalgia to the Metaverse

Despite being broadcast nearly 60 years ago, the classic British children’s program Thunderbirds has remained a key figure in contemporary pop culture.

Thunderbirds has always been known for the futuristic technology it presented for its time, with a lot of this technology now coming to fruition in the modern age. It is no surprise, therefore, that Thunderbirds would be perfect to integrate into a Web3 metaverse space, as the brand continues with its image of being on the technological forefront. 

In Thunderbirds collaboration with Metaverse gaming project The Sandbox, named Thunderbirds: International Rescue Club, users will be able to feel like a part of International Rescue through the project’s charity DAO, which will help in providing aid to those in need all over the world. 

Users will also be able to feel a part of the action through the upcoming Web3 game, which will see users’ NFT Thunderbirds go on missions to earn airdrops and even real-world prizes.

Sounds pretty fab, doesn’t it?

Polygon X Coca-Cola Makes NFTs for you and me

For a more universally recognised brand getting involved in the NFT space, look no further than Coca-Cola and its collaboration with Polygon.

Big Eyes Coin

Launched back in August in celebration of International Friendship Day, this set of NFTs was unique for their generative and shareable nature, with the fun gimmick that the artwork itself would not be revealed until it was shared with another person.

This gimmick also served the purpose of showing NFT and Web3 technology to more people, with the friendship mechanic of these NFTs giving the technology a fun and accessible way of reaching new people thanks to the familiarity of the Coca-Cola brand. 

Big Eyes Coin takes NFT utility to new heights with NFT Sushi Crew 

While NFTs serve as a great opportunity for brands to expand their audience through the potentials of Web3, this is not the only purpose they can serve. Take Big Eyes Coins’ NFT Sushi Crew, for example.

Big Eyes Coin

The NFT Sushi Crew will see Big Eyes Coin producing seasonal NFTs, which through ownership allows for access to exclusive community events and opportunities via the Sushi Crew. This means that the value of these NFTs does not lie solely on their rarity or public perception of their value, but that the value of these NFTs also derives from their utility, and the opportunities that ownership affords to be a part of a community. 

In participating in the NFT Sushi Crew, users are also taking part in materialising Big Eyes Coins’ overarching goal: to save the oceans fishes through charity work.

Big Eyes Coin has allocated 5% of all existing BIG tokens to a charity wallet, which will be donated in stages across the project’s roadmap. The higher the value of BIG, the higher the value of the donation, meaning that any interaction with the project that helps increase its value is a step towards the project’s goal. 

Being a part of the NFT Sushi Crew is just one way of generating interest and value, however there are also other ways this can be achieved.

Big Eyes Coin

Want to know more about Big Eyes Coin and their plans to help the environment? Then check out the links below for more information:




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