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Token Revolution: smart contracts and decentralized business


Token Revolution srl is one of the first realities in Italy in the field of tokenization and corporate and private digitization, being on the market since May 2021. The project, developers and team are entirely Italian. The company takes care of developing the ideas of its clients, following them from the embryonic stages of the project to the final launch on the market. 

The Token Revolution project

Token Revolution is a company that makes it possible to create decentralized businesses by developing and perfecting smart contracts and tailor-made decentralized applications. 

Its core business is focused precisely on the creation of smart contracts, tokens, dApps and applications for Android/IOS, with a real specialization in the development of crypto projects

Decentralization allows projects to have greater security, speed and transparency, thanks to blockchain technology, while also reducing internal company costs. From a business perspective they also lead to increased sales, thanks to the innovative and future-oriented image that can be given to the projects themselves. In addition, decentralized finance has become a safer, more transparent and more efficient alternative to traditional financial services, because it eliminates the need to have to go through centralized financial institutions, giving access to a more open, reliable and much more accessible financial system. 

We could say in essence, that Token Revolution is a kind of idea factory with feasibility studies, which in addition to development, is then responsible for incubating projects that want to use blockchain. 

It has connections with partner companies with professionalism and knowledge of blockchain marketing, and with partners who deal with calls for start-ups and innovative companies. Training on the use of the technology and project management is an integral part of the process. 

It also has its own token, TKREV, which is closely related to the company: TKREV will benefit from staking and farming on a platform created by Token Revolution and usable by all holders. TKREV will also have a use for play-to-earn that will be launched in the future. 

In this context, mathematics, graphics and programming combine to develop new business ideas within the crypto and blockchain sector, all made-in-Italy.

Token Revolution, blockchain solutions for your business.

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