The 3 cryptocurrencies with the highest potential before 2023
The 3 cryptocurrencies with the highest potential before 2023

The 3 cryptocurrencies with the highest potential before 2023

By Crypto Advertising - 13 Oct 2022

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Due to the bear market there has been a decline in the value of crypto, but it seems that this trend is gradually changing. Bitcoin is poised to drag the top altcoins and the entire cryptocurrency sector upward with it.

Given the dramatically improving situation, we took a look at the cryptocurrencies with the highest potential for growth before 2023: these are projects that have already started to trend, and one in particular has the most potential, depending on how its legal issues turn out.

3 cryptocurrencies with the highest potential for growth before 2023

  1. IMPT – An ecosystem that helps people reduce their carbon footprint
  2. Tamadoge – A fun P2E game causing a stir in the meme coin sector
  3. XRP – Ready to explode depending on the outcome of the SEC lawsuit

IMPT: a credit ecosystem that helps people reduce their carbon footprint

IMPT is a credit ecosystem designed to help people reduce their carbon footprint, using a very simple method.

IMPT home page

A carbon credit represents one ton of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere: it is purchased by large companies that have the regulatory requirements to offset their carbon emissions from industrial production.

However, this market today is quite controversial because anyone, small businesses and individuals, can get into it; scams can occur in this way, plus many are reluctant to get into this innovation partly because of the lack of transparency on prices. 

This is where IMPT comes in.

Overall, this ecosystem consists of the following products:

  • A carbon market
  • A purchasing platform
  • A social platform
  • Tokenized carbon credits

The carbon market allows users to easily buy, sell and withdraw carbon credits, which are all tokenized in the form of NFTs, so that the entire process is transparent and traceable for buyers. This eliminates the risk of scams, so buyers can be assured that the carbon credits are genuine.

The NFT is sent to a burner address when the user wishes to withdraw a carbon credit so that it is completely removed from circulation. This prevents carbon credits from being double-counted, which is a major concern in today’s complex market. In addition, users who burn carbon credits will receive another collectible NFT as a testament to their environmental efforts.

The Shopping Platform also allows users to earn carbon credits as they shop online, as IMPT has partnered with thousands of top global retailers who are ready to allocate a specific percentage of their sales margin to environmental projects. When a user purchases a product on the Shopping Platform, the sales margin is held in their account in IMPT tokens; when enough tokens have accumulated, they can be exchanged for a carbon credit.

Finally, the Social platform is designed to incentivize businesses and individuals to become more aware of their efforts in having a positive impact on the environment: IMPT in fact introduces the first global score that can help measure this value in terms of carbon footprint.

Experts say the project will have high growth potential before 2023 because of the price increase in its presale, which consists of several phases.

In Phase 1 there will be 600 million tokens offered at $0.018. Once sold out, the price will increase to $0.023 for Phase 2, which is to sell 660 million tokens. Finally, the presale will end with Phase 3, with the last 540 million tokens at an increased price of $0.028. It goes without saying that it pays to buy now and not wait.

On many specialized industry sites one can find detailed guidance on how one can buy IMPT, for example this one from CryptoNews Italy:

Learn about IMPT now

Tamadoge: a fun P2E game causing a stir in the memecoin industry

Tamadoge is a fun Play-to-Earn (P2E) game that has become trending across the industry after a successful launch on OKX, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges, in late September 2022. This deflationary meme coin is causing a stir in the industry as it is one of the few that can provide utility to its holders, something DOGE and SHIB have failed to do.

Tamadoge Homepage

Dubbed the next Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, Tamadoge is a fun, trendy P2E game that everyone can have fun with, regardless of their interest in memecoins or cryptocurrencies. The P2E game allows users to breed, train and battle small Tamadoge animals in NFT format to earn dogepoints and climb a leaderboard. The person with the most points, at the end of each month, can collect their winnings in the dogepool.

This cryptocurrency is a token that has one of the highest growth potentials before 2023, thanks to what the team has planned in its roadmap.

The Tamadoge ecosystem consists of:

  • Tamadoge NFT animals
  • Tamadoge Token (TAMA)
  • Tamadoge P2E Arcade
  • Tamaverse

Tamadoge NFT Pets are required to fight in the P2E game: there are 21,100 NFTs up for grabs in the Tamastore, while the Ultra-Rare collection was released in early October and consists of 100 NFTs with enhanced features such as speed, awareness, and agility.

The team behind the project has created a very unique feature for its NFTs: each Tamadoge Pet comes with an animated 3D model, which allows the owner to use the pet as an avatar in associated metaverses. This means that users could potentially use their NFTs as avatars in Decentraland or The Sandbox, if the team is able to establish a partnership, as this is part of the planned projects in the roadmap. 

In addition, Tamadoge also plans to launch its metaverse, which will increase the token’s growth potential if it is launched before 2023. It also plans to launch a range of P2E games to enable users to earn extra revenue.

Tamadoge’s potential growth in 2023 is immense: The team wants to introduce augmented reality to the cryptocurrency industry by releasing a mobile app that will superimpose Tamadoge Pets on top of the real world. This will allow NFT owners to interact with their pets as if they were in the same room as them. The AR app should help TAMA grow further and could bring Tamadoge into the mainstream, similar to what happened with Pokemon Go in 2016.

Overall, Tamadoge has a very bright future ahead, and TAMA is one of the top cryptocurrencies with the highest growth potential before 2023.

Discover Tamadoge now

XRP poised to explode after lawsuit with SEC

The latest cryptocurrency with the highest growth potential before 2023 is XRP, which we have added to this list for good reason. The company behind the XRP token, Ripple Labs, is currently involved in a lawsuit against the US Securities and Exchange Commission, basically the FBI of financial markets.

XRP vs. SEC: who will win?

In December 2020, the SEC filed a lawsuit against Ripple Labs and its executives, alleging that they traded $1.3 billion in XRP as a security without registering it with the SEC. This was then allegedly used to fund platform development for Ripple, which would make the token a security.

Instead of folding, XRP decided to litigate the case and address what is the prevailing concern of the entire industry. The outcome of this litigation is of vital importance to the entire cryptocurrency market, as it will determine whether all other cryptos will also have to comply with SEC rules. Ripple’s victory would allow the blockchain to progress further, thus eliminating the worry of developers breaking regulations and thus incurring heavy fines.

October has started very well for XRP, which is already up 50% from its September lows.

XRP up 50% from September lows

If Ripple wins, XRP’s growth potential will be considerable before 2023.


These tokens are worth buying for their growth potential before 2023. Each has several reasons that will guarantee an increase in token value in the final weeks of the year.

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