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2023 Terra Luna (LUNC) predictions: far from $0.01 target while IMPT could reach $0.1


If you are about to invest in Terra Luna (LUNC) hoping that it might rise to $0.01 next year, know that this will not happen. Many investors are buying LUNC again in the hope that it can gain ground again by recouping losses.   

According to experts, it is really unlikely that LUNC will touch $0.01 before 2023. However, predictions can be made about a new token, IMPT, the digital currency native to a project based on environmental impact awareness. This one yes, it could reach $0.1 by 2023 since it leverages collective consciousness in pursuit of a greener future.  

IMPT is the eco-friendly token that could reach $0.1 after presale 

The IMPT token is currently on pre-sale and is quickly gaining traction after raising over nearly $4 million in less than a week since its launch. Detailed guidance can be found on many specialized industry sites, such as Business2Community Italy, on how to be able to purchase IMPT in presale.

The presale of IMPT is structured in three phases. The current phase involves the sale of 600 million tokens at $0.018 and has already exceeded 30% of the total allocated in just over a week after launch. 

The next two phases will follow soon after the first phase is fully completed. In the second phase 660 million tokens will be on sale at $0.023 and in the last phase 540 million tokens will be offered at $0.028.

Given the momentum behind the presale, the three phases will be sold-out much sooner than expected, probably before 2023. Once the presale ends, the token will be listed on the major CEX and DEX exchanges, which will boost the token’s growth to $0.1 after the end of the presale.  

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Carbon credit market helps create a green reputation for crypto 

IMPT is an ecosystem for buying and selling and redeeming carbon credits, aimed at individuals and businesses who want to lower their carbon footprint. It does this by removing the rigid barriers that make it difficult to buy carbon credits. The platform allows users to buy, sell and redeem carbon credits while offering a method to passively earn them as you make your purchases. 

IMPT allows tokenization of carbon credits in the form of NFTs directly on the platform, thus negating the risk of frequent fraud in this market, such as counterfeiting of credits or double counting.

The project’s presale is quickly gaining momentum now that investors have realized IMPT’s potential to move crypto toward a more favorable perception with respect to environmental engagement. The cryptocurrency industry has long drawn criticism because of the large negative impact on the environment, as the mining process is responsible for a large chunk of carbon emissions.  

Now that IMPT is able to help people and businesses reduce their environmental impact, it is possible that the project could gain ground in the fight against climate change and global warming. If this momentum continues to bear fruit, the presale could end before the estimated date and possibly bring the value of the token to $0.1 once it is launched.

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LUNC could recover but is unlikely to reach $0.01

Terra Luna (LUNA) was an ecosystem centered on its own algorithmic stablecoin, launched in July 2019 and failed in May 2022, causing it to lose more than $60 billion in the meantime.  

Graph of the collapse of the LUNA ecosystem

What’s left of Terra Luna today is Terra Luna Classic (LUNC), and it has been gaining traction since last September as investors returned to the ecosystem in hopes of recouping some of their losses. After hitting a low point of $0.00018 in September, LUNC has gained more than 70% to its current level of $0.00028.


Indeed, LUNC managed to rise by an important 590% from the low touched in August this year to the peak in September at $0.00055. The price also rose due to Binance’s announcement that it decided to take action to reduce the supply of tokens by burning 1.2% of all transactions in LUNC.

However, investors should remain cautious because it is really unlikely that what remains of the Terra ecosystem collapse will reach the $0.01 target before 2023.

Excessive token availability makes it impossible to reach the $0.01 target

There is no hope that the project can reach the $0.01 target because of the excessive amount of token circulating. To maintain the peg with the dollar the algorithmic stablecoin, UST, continued to issue LUNA tokens. However, during the bankruptcy, LUNA issued trillions of coins and so the supply increased from 350 million to 6.5 trillion.

Explosion of LUNA’s supply during the crash of 2021. Source: The Block Research

Not even the burning mechanism devised by Binance will be able to counter the inflationary trend of LUNC, which still has a circulating supply of 6.1 trillion tokens. With such a high amount of circulant, the only chance for LUNC to return to $0.01 is for the market capitalization to reach $6 billion by the end of the year.

Besides LUNC, as we have seen, there is one token that has a chance to increase its value tenfold by reaching well above $0.1 in 2023: it is IMPT.

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