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DOGE and IMPT value predictions: both tokens aiming for $0.5 by 2023


The crypto market seems a bit off lately although there is no shortage of signs of an imminent recovery. While most of the tokens right now are far from recovering their respective ATH levels, some altcoins are proving great value, reversing the trend thanks to strong growth indicators in the short term.  

Two tokens are at the top of this positive trend-Dogecoin (DOGE) and IMPT (IMPT). Dogecoin is the very famous meme coin, already the protagonist of several bull runs in the past, which were always unexpected. IMPT, on the other hand, is a token that is working on a very important green project, the pre-sale of which is experiencing unparalleled success. 

Why will DOGE and IMPT go strong in 2023?

2023 looks like it will be a very important year for cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, adoption levels will finally experience the long-awaited surge given the steady growth of long-term holders and capital inflows. At the same time, governments are beginning to establish wide-ranging regulations that will have a major impact on the entire industry. It must be said that a solid regulatory framework, although purists may disagree, is the best foundation for having foundations to give rise to long-lasting projects.  

However, the combination of all these elements does not make the investor’s job any easier in predicting which direction crypto will take in the near future, which is already difficult under normal circumstances. So why is there any reason to believe that DOGE and IMPT will get a big boost in early 2023?

For one thing, they both enjoy features that make them attractive even as time passes. As for DOGE, it is a meme coin and this type of token resonates well with a certain type of culture. This is why DOGE has held up solidly in the market and is still in the top 10 cryptos by market capitalization with a value exceeding $8.4 billion.

impt token
IMPT is a dedicated carbon credit platform focused on environmental protection.

IMPT has a very different strength. It is working to build a dedicated carbon credit platform that can bring together all the actors involved in the fight against climate change. Despite being the first presale, the project has quickly catalyzed the attention of the crypto and non-crypto community, raising over $3 million in less than a week.  

IMPT is also counting on a strong ability to attract investors since it offers a concrete contribution to solving a problem that affects everyone and will do so for decades to come. Just as many crypto supporters had decided in the past to join forces on behalf of Ukraine and collaborate for other social causes, they are now turning their attention to projects like IMPT to make their mark.

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What prices can we expect from DOGE and IMPT in 2023?

It is difficult to predict exactly what the prices of DOGE and IMPT will be, but signs of growth for both tokens suggest that by 2023 they could reach the $0.5 threshold. This represents a major jump for both, and it is not such an unrealistic possibility.  

Dogecoin could reach this milestone thanks to the resurgence of meme coin fame in recent times. Projects like Tamadoge show that these types of tokens continue to gain traction in the crypto community, and DOGE is still the most prominent meme coin on the market. 

On the other hand, IMPT could reach $0.5 because of the massive interest shown in pre-sales. And also because of the inherent advantage of the project for which the token is a vehicle. The project uses technological innovations to bring a new advantage for the planet and marks the beginning of an environmentally sustainable use of crypto.

IMPT has set up three phases of the presale. The first will end on 5 November and 600 million tokens have been allocated at a price of $0.018. The second will involve the sale of 660 million tokens at $0.023, while the final presale will cover 540 million tokens at $0.028.

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Altcoins such as IMPT and DOGE could reach $0.5

Now that 2023 is approaching, it looks like the coming months may see growth in the crypto market. There are several tokens showing signs of recovery with higher valuations. These include tokens such as IMPT, which pushes the entire crypto community to take the initiative to protect the environment. This community aspect is the leverage that could push up the price of IMPT.

If you want to learn more about the carbon offset program, read IMPT’s whitepaper and visit IMPT’s presale site.

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