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Profitable Crypto Investments: Moshnake and Cosmos


The goal of the “buy the dip” investment strategy is to profit from market downturns by acquiring assets at bargain prices. Investors might make a profit by purchasing assets during a market crash and then selling them when the market improves.

Though this strategy is available to investors in any market, it is especially useful in the cryptocurrency industry. Putting your money into cryptocurrencies can be a nerve-wracking and difficult experience. 

There are a lot of options out there, and it can be hard to figure out which ones are worth pursuing. But if you’re seeking short-term gains, the two altcoins to look at are Moshnake (MSH) and Cosmos (ATOM).

Cosmos (ATOM): creating a universe of blockchains

Cosmos should be at the top of your list when considering a cryptocurrency investment. The Cosmos blockchain is a distributed ledger that facilitates the exchange of digital currency and other assets. Two of Cosmos’ main selling points are high speeds and cheap costs, making it an attractive option for traders who need to make a profit quickly.


The Cosmos DeFi platform can provide instantaneous cross-exchange transactions by establishing connections between several decentralized exchanges. 

The Cosmos blockchain, or “Internet of Blockchains,” was developed to remove the need for a centralized server in financial transactions and to facilitate communication between many distributed ledgers. 

For the first time, users may take advantage of cross-platform compatibility with several blockchain platforms thanks to Cosmos, the first free platform to offer this feature.

The Cosmos network uses the ATOM token to control the transfer of digital assets. Doing so adds stability and safety to the decentralized blockchain network. Since its introduction to the cryptocurrency market, ATOM’s size has increased steadily. 


Moshnake (MSH): retro is coming to the blockchain

The new play-to-earn NFT game Moshnake has all it needs to be a commercial success. The new coin will rapidly garner widespread acceptance and adoption by capitalizing on the widespread acclaim of the original snake game.

Compared to traditional P2E games, which necessitate extensive training before being played, Moshnake stands out for being accessible to players of all ages.

By integrating a well-known blockchain network in the GameFi industry, Moshnake’s creators have made it more efficient and more likely to be adopted. Playing Moshnake on the BNB smart chain will be much quicker and cheaper than in traditional P2E games.


In addition to these decentralized markets, BNB smart chain is integrated with the world’s leading centralized exchanges. This facilitates depositing money into the game and cashing out winnings to a real-world bank account.

Moshnake is accessible to more people without sacrificing security or usefulness thanks to its interoperability with Metamask and hardware wallets. There is a wide variety of bonuses and in-game items available to players that can be employed to increase their chances of success.

The MSH governance token and the VEN in-game token are the driving forces behind the Moshnake gaming ecosystem.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this new cryptocurrency Moshnake Token, see the links below for more information:




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