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NFTs, Blockchain And Meme Coins: Here’s Why You Should Invest In Big Eyes Coin And Solana


Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a new meme token on track to become the biggest meme coin of the season. The Big Eyes coin’s launch created a lot of positive hype. The new meme coin project aims to be focused on DeFi (decentralized finance), but seeing its potential in the NFT market, it could also use the opportunity to create wealth for its community.

The NFT market is independent of the cryptocurrency market, and trading volume is still nearly as good as it used to be. The decrease in volume can mainly be attributed to the drop in price of most cryptocurrencies used in trading NFTs like Ethereum(ETH) and Solana(SOL). The frequency of trading and the assets traded are still healthy to keep the market alive.

Also, the Solana NFT ecosystem has had recent airdrops that could lead to a spiral that brings the NFT market fully alive. We saw that last year on the Ethereum network after tokens like $SOS, $GAS, and LooksRare were launched. Solana looks to be right at the spot where it can have increased trading volumes with new airdrops being announced.

Solana: A Fourth Generation Blockchain Network

Solana (SOL) is mostly referred to as a fourth-generation blockchain network primarily due to the new additions introduced to the existing blockchain framework. Crypto enthusiasts had high hopes for the network since it was touted to be the ethereum killer – able to work at high efficiency at very low transaction fees. Solana developers estimate that the network can process 5k transactions per second at its full capacity.

Solana was expected to be a highly efficient network for DeFi, considering it was exactly what the market needed at the time. It disappointed the DeFi landscape, which does not yet rule out the possibility of significant improvements. Instead, it became a top network for the NFT market, falling behind only Ethereum and the Ronin sidechain in volume. Solana has an all-time trading volume of over $2.7 billion and has hosted top NFT collections like DeGods, Okay Bears, Solana Monkey Business, and several other collections accounting for millions in daily trading volume.

Big Eyes Coin: NFT Sushi Club

Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes is a new meme coin launched on the ethereum blockchain. Crypto enthusiasts believe that the token can inspire volume into the market and can cause a bull run. In addition to the airdrops the market has been seeing, Big Eyes might have chosen the right time for the launch.

Big Eyes Coin is a cat-inspired meme coin and looks to set the new meta for memes in the crypto landscape. Although this means the new project will compete with top meme cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB), it believes in the community strength it has built over the past weeks to push its narrative and be of strong contention.

Big Eyes Coin aims to create wealth for its community using DeFi, and with a presented opportunity in the NFT market, it could also become one of the top NFT collections. 

The owners of the token will be able to attend some of the exclusive NFT events and earn umpteen rewards. 

To Sum Up

Both Solana and Big Eyes Coin have been successful tokens and platforms. They provide value to its users and tons of opportunities to create wealth.

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Big Eyes Coin

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