Cryptocurrency casinos: 5 essential facts you should know
Cryptocurrency casinos: 5 essential facts you should know

Cryptocurrency casinos: 5 essential facts you should know

By Crypto Advertising - 21 Oct 2022

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Cryptocurrency casinos are more popular than ever. Many traditional online gamblers are discovering the benefits of playing with crypto and making the switch. 

Crypto casinos offer many incentives to increase their user base, which is why you should always look out for promotions when playing in cryptocurrency casinos. Using a Bitcoin bonus can help you to maximize profits, as it gives you a bigger balance to play around with. 

Many players make the mistake of passing up offers like these, but they can enhance their gambling rewards. This is due to the fact that crypto is still a new thing for many users, so it may feel intimidating to change from fiat currencies like dollars and euros to digital currencies. 

Nevertheless, once you get the hang of using crypto, it’s really straightforward and can offer a better-quality online gambling experience.

More and more online casinos are starting to offer crypto payments as an option alongside fiat currency. Others are upgrading to crypto entirely and there are some very convincing reasons behind this.

What is a cryptocurrency casino?

A cryptocurrency casino is very similar to a traditional online casino, except rather than playing with fiat currency you play with a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

You send and receive payments via an online crypto wallet, instead of through a bank transfer or on a credit card. This process is much faster and allows you to start playing and then cash out your rewards quickly.

All you need to do to get started is buy some cryptocurrency. It’s easier than ever to get some Bitcoin these days. In fact, once you’re signed up for a cryptocurrency exchange, it can take minutes to get your hands on some crypto funds. Add this crypto to your digital wallet, connect to an online casino and you’re ready to start playing. 

5 essential facts you should know about cryptocurrency casinos

Crypto casinos don’t collect bank details

One thing players love about crypto casinos is the fact that they do not collect bank or credit card details. These digital currency casinos have a high level of respect for your privacy.

All payments are made via a crypto wallet, so there is no need to provide any personal banking information to the online casino. This is helpful for users who want to maintain a level of privacy.

You’ll feel more secure because there is no chance of your bank details getting into the hands of hackers or being shared online.

Crypto casinos offer huge jackpots and rewards

Using cryptocurrency enables casinos to reduce operation costs and this allows them to give players higher rewards and huge jackpots. Crypto casinos also try to offer the lowest crypto exchange rates to make playing more affordable.

Profits can be cashed out instantaneously

Unlike traditional casinos, which can be slow to release winnings (and sometimes it can take weeks!), profits can be transferred from crypto casinos very quickly.

Due to blockchain technology, crypto casinos can send and receive funds instantaneously. Players’ funds can be returned to their wallets after they have finished playing.

This is because blockchain uses peer-to-peer (P2P) technology, meaning you can send and receive money to the casino directly with intervention from a third party. It cuts out any middlemen and this type of trading can be “more relaxed”, according to CoinTelegraph.

You’ll also find an excellent level of customer support on these casino platforms with many offering 24/7 customer service if you need any help accessing or moving your funds around.

You can play in a variety of currencies

There are now thousands of cryptocurrencies out there with more and more companies and projects creating their own native tokens. Crypto casinos are keeping up with this trend by accepting a wide variety of coins.

A popular choice is to play with Bitcoin (BTC), since this is the most well-known cryptocurrency around the world. Time calls Bitcoin “the most popular and highly valued [cryptocurrency], despite high volatility over the course of its history.” Anyone can buy Bitcoin wherever they are based and start playing.

Other options that people choose to gamble with are Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Tether, and Cardano (ADA). It’s best to play with whatever you feel the most comfortable with. These cryptocurrencies are trusted and popular so it’s very easy to pick them up on an exchange.

The online casino experience is better

You will find all of the same traditional casino games in a crypto casino with the addition of some fun and exciting new ones. This means it’s easy to dive right into playing once you’ve set up your wallet and bought your first Bitcoin.

Game designers and developers are constantly working to improve the quality of the gaming experience in crypto casinos according to the needs of the players. You’ll always find these casinos updated with the latest features to offer the best possible online casino experience.

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