Thousands of Crypto Owners are Dumping Their Bitcoin
Thousands of Crypto Owners are Dumping Their Bitcoin

Thousands of Crypto Owners are Dumping Their Bitcoin

By Crypto Advertising - 21 Oct 2022

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While Bitcoin is still hovering under $20,000, and other major cryptocurrencies are continuing to suffer from the prolonged bear run, some coins are experiencing unparalleled growth.

One such coin is RBIS, the token powering the ArbiSmart wallet, which rose over 500% in September and is still climbing. 

ArbiSmart’s  EU authorized and registered interest-generating wallet is rapidly gaining momentum, as crypto owners look for a safe home for their capital, where they can earn a consistent rate of return,  in all market conditions. 

Optimizing Interest Rates

A wallet holders’ capital can be stored in an available balance, interest-free, but withdrawable any time. Alternatively, it can be locked in a savings balance to earn interest rates of up to 147% a year. 

Savings plans can be opened in 25 supported FIAT and cryptocurrencies, ranging from established coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Shiba Inu, to top traditional currencies like Euro, Pound Sterling, and USD. 

Funds can be locked in a plan for various time frames, ranging from 1 month or 3 months to 2 years, 3 years or 5 years, with a higher the rate of interest, the longer the savings are locked. 

Interest rates are tied to your account level, which is based on how much RBIS your own. To be eligible to earn interest on your BTC, EUR, or other chosen currency you need to hold a minimum of 1,000 RBIS, placing you at Beginner Level 1 account status.

Next up from the Beginner account level is Advanced, followed by Expert and then Elite. At any point a wallet holder can buy more RBIS, raise their account status and earn a higher percentage on their preferred currency, benefiting from compounding at the highest levels.

Whether your balance is in USDT or USD or any other currency, your wallet interest rate is going to be over 100 times the rate you would earn from placing your capital in a traditional bank account. Although, if you decide to open a savings plan balance in RBIS, your annual percentage yield is going to be far higher than for balances in any other currency. 

Setting Up a Plan

After filling in a brief registration form, the next step is to buy a minimum of 1,000 RBIS. The purchase can be performed in a few clicks, directly through the RBIS Management page in the dashboard. 

Next, head to the Earn Interest page. Decide the currency and time frame for your savings plan, as well as how you wish to receive your daily interest. It can be sent to an available balance, from which it can be withdrawn, any time. For a higher rate, it can be added to the locked savings balance. Or, for an even higher return, it can be received in RBIS, and locked for the length of the plan. 

The last step in the process is to pick a deposit amount, click confirm and you are ready to start earning daily passive profits. 

Minimizing Exposure

The reason that ArbiSmart is able to offer such high returns in both bull and bear markets is that wallet-held funds are used to perform crypto arbitrage, an automated zero-risk investment strategy.

Arbitrage generates profits from temporary instances where a coin is available on more than one exchange at different prices at once. These price differences occur just as frequently in a downturn, or an upturn and have common causes like a difference in trading volume between a larger exchange and a smaller one. 

ArbiSmart is integrated with nearly 40 exchanges, where it tracks coin prices 24/7, looking for temporary discrepancies. The algorithm, which is able to instantaneously execute hundreds of transactions at once, finds a price difference and then purchases the coin at the lowest offered price before instantly selling it at the highest offered price to generate a profit.

Increasing Demand

Recent analyst projections forecast a rise to 25 times the current RBIS value by the end of 2022. 

One of the main reasons for this is that the wallet userbase is growing rapidly as the bear market continues, and more people choose to securely store their funds in return for reliable, predictable passive profits, which can be calculated in advance. Because RBIS ownership is required to earn interest on savings plans, this has meant a steady rise in token demand. 

With more RBIS being taken out of general circulation and placed in locked savings balances, the limited supply will diminish.

RBIS demand is likely to further outpace supply in the months ahead, with the introduction of new ArbiSmart services which will all require use of RBIS to generate profits. 

This quarter and next, ArbiSmart’s new services will include:

  • A mobile app for purchasing storing and exchanging cryptocurrencies 
  • A virtual marketplace for the purchase and sale of non-fungible tokens (NFT’s)
  • An exclusive ArbiSmart NFT collection 
  • A DeFi protocol offering yield farming with never-before-seen gamification features
  • A professional cryptocurrency exchange  
  • A play-to-earn metaverse, with RBIS as the in-game currency

The new utilities in the pipeline will all require use of RBIS increasing token usage as the ecosystem expands. Another factor increasing token demand is that RBIS owners will receive better terms, such as reduced transaction costs in the ArbiSmart exchange if the fee is paid in RBIS.

Demand will be driven even higher by the interconnectedness of the services in the ArbiSmart ecosystem. For example, an ArbiSmart NFT’s could increase a yield farmer’s score in the DeFi protocol or the metaverse. 

As these new utilities are launched, RBIS owners will be positioned to earn revenue from savings plans, gaming, trading, NFT investment and yield farming, as well as from capital gains on the increasing token value.

For 72 hours from this article’s publication, ArbiSmart is offering a promotion. Sign up, open a wallet, and receive 1,000 points, which will raise you to Beginner Level 1 account status. This means you will be eligible to earn interest, without having to purchase RBIS. 

To claim your promotional points, open a wallet now!

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