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BIG EYES, WAVES, and CARDANO Could Be A Smart Purchase Before the Bull Market Rally Begins


Many crypto enthusiasts believe the bull market rally is around the corner. News about the imminent profitable market period fills major cryptocurrency news sources, and predictions on the cryptocurrencies to consider lies abound on Reddit crypto forums, Twitter, and other crypto-related blogs. 

Experts have stated that now is the best time to prepare for the bull run, as all indications state the bear market is gradually wearing off. According to predictions, Waves (WAVES), Cardano (ADA), and Big Eyes (BIG) are crypto assets that can help you prepare well for the anticipated market rally. The altcoins are billed to yield profit, and we think you should consider them for your portfolio after doing your research. 

Big Eyes Coin

Waves (WAVES) 

Big Eyes coin

Waves token (WAVES) facilitates block rewards and other standard payments on the Waves Blockchain. The ERC-20 token is the platform’s native currency, powering its functionalities. The decentralized blockchain has numerous functions, including DApps building, smart contracts executions, creating and launching of crypto tokens, etc. 

Waves is a crypto project with dedicated developers. It has undergone necessary changes and integration of new features, contributing to its growth over the years and helping it compete with other blockchains. Market analysis tips Waves (WAVES) to repeat its successful run in Q1 of 2021, where it peaked at a new all-time of about $60+. 

Big Eyes Coin

Waves (WAVES) has experienced a huge price decline due to the bear market, but it could rise from its less than $5 current market price to a significant double-figure price during the bull market. Waves’ profit-yielding probability makes it worthy of consideration as a smart purchase. 

Cardano (ADA) 

Big Eyes coin

Cardano (ADA) has, over the years, established itself as a top cryptocurrency by market capitalization and prominence. The blockchain-based proof-of-stake platform allows smart contracts execution, enabling developers to create crypto tokens, build digital infrastructures, and various decentralized applications. 

The Cardano Blockchain boasts high flexibility and scalability. It is developed through a well-researched process backed with evidence. The DApp development platform is a  fast-growing blockchain project. Cardano (ADA) boasts a team of dedicated developers carrying out extensive research on making it more scalable and secure. 

Big Eyes Coin

Cardano token (ADA) is important to the proper functioning of the platform. It’s used for peer-to-peer payments globally and has had explosive growth since its launch. The crypto asset had a great bull run in 2021, and it is billed for a better one in the coming year. 

Big Eyes (BIG)

Big Eyes coin

Big Eyes (BIG) is a meme coin that aims to improve the DeFi ecosystem by facilitating increased adoption and seamless accessibility. The crypto asset will make the crypto space more beneficial to users by providing resources to help them maximize its benefits. It will also feature its swap, where you can seamlessly exchange crypto assets. 

The crypto asset will offer users NFTs membership which comes with varying opportunities like attending exclusive NFTs events, holding part of the valuable collections, and getting an allocation on NFTs sales. Big Eyes (BIG) runs a tax-free ecosystem, and it allocates funds for charity purposes, especially for protecting aquatic life and the ocean body. 

The new crypto project has attracted many crypto investors with its unique features and utility. It has raised close to $8 million on presale, averaging about $450-500K daily. Big Eyes (BIG) could sell out faster than you expect due to the high adoption of meme coins and the general belief that it will be next to blow. It could be a smart investment with high return potential in the bull market. 

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