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Make 1000% Gains on Your Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu with This Wallet


Increasingly, crypto owners are recognizing the profit potential of interest-generating wallets. They not only provide a high, steady rate of return, regardless of which way the market is moving, but also offer an effortless, risk-free investment opportunity.

Leading the pack right now, is the ArbiSmart wallet, which generates interest of up to 147% a year.  In the last month alone, ArbiSmart’s native token, RBIS, has gone up in price by over 500%, with a rise of 140%, just in the last week and it is continuing to rise at an exceptional rate.

A Selection of Savings Plans

The EU authorized ArbiSmart wallet and financial services ecosystem supports 25 different FIAT and digital currencies, including major coins like BTC, ETH and SHIB as well as top traditional currencies like EUR, USD and GBP.

Wallet holders can choose to securely store funds interest-free, in an available balance, where they are always accessible for withdrawal. Alternatively, they can earn interest by placing the funds in a locked savings plan, for a short stretch of 1 or 3 months, or for an extended period of 2, 3, or 5 years. The longer the funds are held in a locked savings balance, the higher the rate of interest. 

The main factor determining how much interest you earn is your account level, which is based on the amount of RBIS you hold. Account levels start at Beginner and then go through Advanced Expert and Elite, with wallet holders at the highest levels also benefiting from compounding on their interest. 

Owning more RBIS means you get a better interest rate on balances in Bitcoin, Euro or any other supported currency.  While you can still earn an excellent rate by keeping your savings balance in your preferred crypto or FIAT currency without converting it into RBIS, balances in RBIS will receive a much higher rate.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Sign up with ArbiSmart
  2. Deposit funds in FIAT or crypto 
  3. Buy minimum 1,000 RBIS:

To be eligible to earn interest you need to have at least Beginner Level 1 account status. RBIS can be bought through a crypto exchange or straight through the ArbiSmart dashboard’s RBIS Management tab. 

  1. Select a currency and a time frame for the savings plan
  2. Pick how to receive interest, which is paid out daily
  1. Sent to an available account- withdrawable any time
  2. Sent to a locked savings plan- with funds on which it’s being earned (higher rate)
  3. Paid in RBIS, even if plan is in BTC, EUR etc.– locked until plan expires (highest rate)
  1. Choose a deposit amount for the plan
  2. Start earning a consistent profit right from day one, in an upturn or a downturn

A Low Risk, High Return Strategy 

ArbiSmart is able to provide exceptionally high interest rates by using deposited funds to perform a risk-free, high-return automated investment strategy –  crypto arbitrage

Crypto arbitrage generates profits from temporary windows in which a coin is available on crypto exchanges, at different prices, at the same time. These price discrepancies occur frequently because of disparities in liquidity and trading volume between larger and smaller exchanges, and they emerge with equal regularity in bull and bear markets.

Integrated with 35 exchanges, ArbiSmart’s automated algorithm tracks all the available cryptocurrencies looking for price discrepancies. To identify a difference, within seconds, it buys the cryptocurrency at the lowest available price then sells at the highest to make a profit, executing hundreds of trades simultaneously, around the clock. 

An Expanding Offering and Growing Demand 

With no end in sight to the bear run, crypto owners are turning to ArbiSmart’s interest-generating wallet as a way to make a consistent, predictable return that can be calculated in advance. Demand for the RBIS token is rising, and as more RBIS leaves circulation to be locked in savings plans, the supply, which is finite, is being further restricted.

As multiple new RBIS utilities are introduced over the next few months demand is going to further outstrip the available supply, driving up the token price.  In fact, analysts are currently projecting that the token price will climb to 25 times its current value by the end of 2022. 

This quarter, ArbiSmart will be introducing a number of new services including an app for buying, storing and exchanging crypto, an exclusive NFT collection, an NFT marketplace for securely buying and selling non-fungible tokens as well as a unique gamified DeFi protocol enabling yield farmers to loan funds and provide liquidity.  Then early next year, a professional crypto exchange will be launched as well as a play-to-earn metaverse where users can buy, develop, and sell digital real-estate for real-world revenue.  All these new services will require ownership of RBIS, pushing up demand. 

These utilities will be interlinked, enabling RBIS owners to boost their profits when using additional ecosystem services, driving token usage even higher. For example, an NFT bought in the ArbiSmart marketplace could boost a player’s score in the metaverse. Owning RBIS will also mean better terms across the hub, such as discounted fees on transactions in the ArbiSmart exchange.

RBIS has been consistently climbing in price while other major coins continue to fall, and the price is set to soar as new utilities are introduced in the months ahead. So, wallet holders will not only earn industry-high interest rates but also enjoy amazing capital gains on the rising token value.

Anyone who signs up with ArbiSmart and opens a wallet savings plan within 72 hours of this article being published, will be able to take advantage of a special limited time offer of 1,000 points. These points will automatically give the wallet holder Beginner Level 1 account status, making them eligible to earn daily interest on savings plans in any of the platform’s 25 supported currencies, without having to buy any RBIS.

To participate in the promotion, open a wallet now!

*This article has been paid. The Cryptonomist didn’t write the article nor has tested the platform.

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