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Why crypto analysts are expecting Dogeliens to post better returns than Ethereum and Internet Computer


Cryptocurrencies are among the top choices of investors today, mainly because of their towering returns and the innovative mechanism that minimizes any interference by third-party institutions like banks and brokerage firms. What’s more, is that as blockchain technology advances, innovators are rolling out new products with more practical use cases which enables crypto investors to diversify their portfolios. If you are wondering about how to pick dependable and high-yield crypto assets, you can start by researching some of the top names like Dogeliens (DOGET), Ethereum (ETH), and Internet Computer (ICP). Next, evaluate their features and then make an informed decision. To help you get started, here’s a look at some of the major use cases of the three cryptocurrencies.


Dogeliens: A dog-themed with unmatched growth potential

Dogeliens is a meme coin that is inspired by the story of the loyal and honest army of dog aliens who inhabit the planet of Puptopia. The meme coin has been creating a lot of buzz in the cryptocurrency market with its niche features and multiple opportunities for earning passive income. It has also rolled out a native token called DOGET and it can be used for staking, liquidity pool provisioning, earning rewards, and minting non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


Interested buyers will be able to purchase the tokens on presale. Moreover, with every token that they buy, they will get extra rewards. These rewards will depend on a variety of factors such as the cryptocurrency, the buyer is using, the stage of the presale, the timing of the transaction, the number of referrals, and the amount spent on the purchase. Here’s an example

As part of its efforts to ensure that its users have ample knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Dogeliens has launched two initiatives — the University of Barkington and the Dogeliens Academy. At the University of Barkington, users will be able to access interactive resources that will help them stay abreast with the latest developments in the world of cryptocurrencies. At the Dogeliens Academy, users will be able to be a part of an online classroom where apart from cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, they will also be able to study other subjects. 


Users will also be able to mint NFTs in a secure marketplace. Dogeliens also enables its users to participate in its play-to-earn game where they have to compete against the enemy’s army of dog aliens with their own battalion. On winning, they can win attractive rewards and also bonuses for participating. Plus, 3% of all transactions will be set aside for charitable activities and all community members vote for the charity that will receive the money raised at the end of each month.

Internet Computer sees 400% annualised growth of cycles

The Internet Computer is a decentralized platform that offers smart contracts for highly scalable dApps. The network’s native token is ICP which comes in handy while dealing with transactional purposes like staking, liquidity pool acquisition, and other similar uses. According to a recent data analysis by Kyle Langham, the Internet Computer has seen over 400% annualized growth of cycles of being burned –  which indicates the rising developer and user activity on the network.

Ethereum begins work on the Shanghai upgrade

Ethereum is a blockchain network that serves as the foundation for the cryptocurrency token ETH and dApps. Its native token ETH can be used for trading and token swapping on the network, among other transactional purposes. The blockchain recently upgraded to the proof-of-stake consensus algorithm that enabled it to cut down the network’s carbon footprint by a massive margin. The software upgrade was referred to as the ‘Merge’. In a recent development, Ethereum announced that it has launched its testnet to start working on its Shanghai upgrade. Under the upgrade, developers would be tweaking proposals and would incorporate them into the Ethereum network.


Dogeliens, Internet Computer, and Ethereum have been among the most popular cryptocurrencies over the past few months and have an investor base across the world. However, if you are looking for a crypto asset that complements your long-term plans, then Dogeliens is where you should park your money. Many cryptocurrency analysts who have reviewed it believe that it has better potential to earn 100x returns than the other two options.

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