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Buy These Cryptos To Help Your Portfolio Grow – Big Eyes Coin, Avalanche and Flow


Everyone has suffered losses at least once in their trading experience, and if you haven’t, that’s because most of your money would be sitting idle in stablecoins. Sudden market fluctuations or inexperience often led to losses; however, that isn’t going to be carried all your life; instead, there are ways to cover those losses. 

Here we talk about Big Eyes Coin (BIG), Avalanche (AVAX), and Flow (FLOW) which holds the potential to heal what you lost trading and bring back much more than that in return.

Avalanche (AVAX) – The Fastest Blockchain Available

Avalanche (AVAX) is an open-source platform known for being the fastest smart contract platform. It is very secure, fast, and affordable, competing with Ethereum. However, it has won against Ethereum in the comparison of transaction speed. 

It plans to make the DeFi system more efficient and user-friendly by introducing such benefits. Moreover, the native token AVAX can be used to pay for the transaction fees and staking, which users get rewarded for, and to participate in the consensus protocol. 

The best thing is that all the transaction fees are burned, which makes the coin gain more value. Avalanche (AVAX) has proved worthy by providing these amazing benefits and making the DeFi ecosystem a better place for all of us.

Big Eyes Coin

Flow (FLOW) – Continuing To Grow Its Influence

Flow (FLOW) is a decentralized layer one blockchain that aims to increase blockchain adoption among users on a larger scale while using Web3 assets and services such as NFTs, DApps, and smart contracts. 

It has grown to a superior level that made it release the biggest projects like CryptoKitties and Dapper Wallet. Flow (FLOW) has also made huge names after successfully collaborating with companies like UFC and NBA. 

At the same time, users can make use of its native coin by using it for transactions, application functioning, or participating in the platform’s governance. Flow (FLOW) also uses upgradeable smart contracts to receive further advancement and efficiency in the future. 

Moreover, it also uses the proof of stake system without sharding giving it an upper position over the rest networks. But the best thing about it is that it does all this good work without compromising on decentralizing any security threat to users’ data.

Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) – The Memecoin That Hopes To Reinvent The Wheel

BIG is the newest addition to the meme coin community. The token runs on the Ethereum blockchain and brings utility that differs from an ordinary meme coin. The cat theme token also charges no fee on its purchase and transactions, giving buyers a free hand in collecting and using it. 

An introduction of an NFT club and collection has also been highlighted, which will be hosted on Uniswap after its presale season. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has collected nearly $9 million during its presale with a token price of 4117.65 per dollar. 

Lastly, out of the 200 billion supply, the project aims to sell out 90% to the public and exchanges while the team will use the remaining amount for ocean conservation and marketing.

Big Eyes

How to benefit from Big Eyes Coin (BIG) presale?

Buying BIG tokens is a very easy task as all that is required is a wallet that contains funds in USDT or ETH. You are required to visit the presale page available on the project’s website. Next, fill in the number of tokens you would like to purchase and connect your wallet to the page. Lastly, transfer your funds and wait till the end of the presale to receive your tokens.

In conclusion, buying these coins will benefit you greatly, especially if you prioritize Big Eyes Coin (BIG) over others. It has accelerated in every field, and users may need to spend quality time using the blockchain. This will also appreciate its value greatly as more people choose BIG instead of other meme coins, as it provides more utility and greater benefits.

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