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Solana, Big Eyes and Chainlink Could Revolutionise Your Portfolio’s Gains


Solana needs no introduction, as a blockchain heavyweight, the SOL token lives and breathes around the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation. But what makes the project so popular despite it experiencing numerous outages over the past couple of years?

SOL leads the industry when it comes to scalability, with transaction finality secure in seconds and transaction costs coming in at a fraction of a cent. The Solana blockchain can easily handle the demand it faces from users, typically boasting over 4,000 transactions a second comfortably. 

For this reason, there is no need for SOL Layer-2 blockchains or parachains as used by other large-cap cryptos. The very constitution of the blockchain ensures that builders and developers will always have access to a highly scalable infrastructure. This is why some believe Solana has the edge over its rival Ethereum. ETH is known for its lagging transaction time and sometimes criminally high transaction costs (gas fees). 

With Solana users and developers can be sure to never have to wait for minutes-hours to secure an Ethereum transaction and can transact securely for less than 1% than an Ethereum transaction.

Big Eyes coin

Big Eyes Coin is inspiring cuteness throughout the market

You might agree that the biggest facet missing from the cryptocurrency industry, is cuteness. Yes? If so, this upcoming titan of a meme coin could be your next 100x investment. Big Eyes, a cute anime-styled cat with a love of the ocean is looking to take on the status quo of doge-themed meme coins. 

Bringing cuteness to its community, the Big Eyes cat holds all the cards when it comes to the next meme coin bull market. The project developers in a recent Coinsniper AMA stated that they have ambitions to take Big Eyes into the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. While this sounds like a stretch initially, there is some serious weight to this claim.

Big Eyes is bringing a fresh face to the meme coin industry, not only by being a feline and not a K-9 but with a fresh focus on ocean sanctuaries. The Big Eyes dev team have set aside 5% of the total token supply to be donated to an ocean charity, yet to be announced. This could potentially bring in a whole market of retail investors who also share enthusiasm and sympathies with the current environmental crisis. Does any of this sound like a bit of you? Hit the button below to check out their presale. Tokens are flying off the shelf! For bonus tokens when you buy its presale, use this code: BEYES338.

Big Eyes

Chainlink is determined to be the ‘AWS of Web3’. What is next?

Chainlink is an oracle provider for multiple blockchains. In essence, they provide real and live on-chain data to smart contract providers. The technology is hands down industry-leading and LINK looks set to monopolise this oracle application in the web3 space.

Recently claiming they wish to become the AWS of Web3, Chainlink has set an extremely high bar for themselves. Amazon Web Services provide market-beating data for extremely large institutions such as Formula 1, Netflix, Facebook, the list goes on. 

Assuming LINK can provide something similar to the heaviest hitters in the blockchain industry, then the token will make a very sound investment going into the next bull market. Chainlink has been trading in and around the top 30 cryptocurrencies by market cap for multiple years now. Having been brutalised by the current bear market now might propose a very good time to start investing in Chainlink. Of course, do your own research before making any investment.

Big Eyes Coin

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