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Launch of the presale of Tora Inu, the memecoin that could explode in 2023

The presale of the TORA token from the Tora Inu project has been launched. 

The actual market launch will not occur until 2023, so now it is possible to purchase the token in presale at discounted prices. It is expected that next year this meme coin may explode thanks to a new bullrun. 

Indeed, meme coins typically explode right when they hit the markets, and in fact the current presale is already attracting many investors. 

The Tora Inu project is ambitious because it wants to challenge the leading meme coins, namely Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Floki. 

It is a “New Era” meme coin that marks a turning point in the meme coin industry. The token has a new and intuitive burn and redistribution mechanism that simultaneously rewards loyal holders and reduces supply to make the token more valuable. 

Also part of the Tora Inu ecosystem will be a fun play-to-earn (P2E) game with metaverse that will allow users to earn TORA by playing. 

The deflationary mechanism burns a small percentage of TORA with each transaction, and becomes more stringent as the ecosystem becomes more popular. Thus when demand increases the TORA token undergoes more deflation, causing supply to contract. 

On top of that, a small portion of TORA tokens is also redistributed with each transaction to the most loyal holders, so as to give them an incentive to continue holding as they will see their wallet balance increase.

Since meme coins need large communities to be successful, Tora Inu has planned a massive marketing campaign that will also involve some of the most prominent publications in the crypto industry.

In addition, the project team is highly experienced in executing marketing campaigns, especially through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Telegram.

The presale is expected to take place in four separate phases, with the first users expected to get an immediate return on their investment once all four phases are completed. The token will then be listed on the markets at the price of the fourth presale. 

It is also important to remember that there has been no private sale yet, so the playing field is completely level for all participants in the public presale. 

Meme coins are the stars in the crypto market because they often make headlines. After all, 2022 has been a very quiet year on this front, with only a few notable exceptions.

Even Tora Inu is named after a dog breed, but its tokenomics are unique. This makes it competitive against other similar meme coins. 

According to its creators, it has the potential to shake up the crypto market, thanks to a potentially very strong level of success, including the fact that the team has a lot of experience and there are several listings planned on top-tier exchanges.

The presale involves an incremental price during the four phases, so the maximum value for money is in buying at the beginning. 

Each year has its meme coin, and Tora Inu is a contender to be the meme coin of 2023. 

Dogecoin exploded in late 2020 and early 2021, while Shiba Inu exploded for the rest of 2021. New meme coins are emerging in 2022, such as Tamadoge, but none has yet managed to break out. 

Through the extensive marketing campaign that will be carried out in 2023 Tora Inu aims to shake up the bear market and become the meme coin of 2023. 

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