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3 Cryptos Keeping the Crypto Market Fresh: Big Eyes Coin, Cronos, and Bitcoin


There are a lot of controversies trailing the blockchain industry and the cryptocurrency market. A lot of critics regard cryptocurrencies as ‘evil’, downplaying it and spreading the narrative to the entire world population. 

Some go to the extent of predicting its downfall and eventual end. But looking at the cryptocurrency market in 2022, the reverse is the case. People’s interest in the cryptocurrency industry has remained high even with the initial narrative. Some analysts believe cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and they will redefine the way finances will be done in the future. 

Even though exact predictions about what the future holds for cryptocurrency are unknown, people are more focused on the ‘now’ than the ‘later’. 2022 has ushered in new cryptocurrency projects such as the meme coin Big Eyes Coin (BIG) and Cronos (CRO), as well as helping to understand old projects like Bitcoin (BTC). These particular cryptocurrency projects have shown their uniqueness from other projects.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is the New Meme Coin Dominating the Memes Coin Universe 

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is the new ‘cat on the crypto block’. It started as a meme coin, but now, it is named by many as a must-have token. Through its presale, it has been rampaging and so far has made a name for itself. 

The Big Eyes Coin (BIG) community operates on a secure contract as well as possessing several unlimited features that make it prospectively profitable for users who intend to purchase it. Built on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, just like other DeFi projects, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is an anti-rug community, which makes it stand out uniquely. 

Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) plans to build a blockchain ecosystem using NFTs to create access to more enticing content and events. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is strict on not taxing or charging as part of its policies for exchanging the BIG token. The Big Eyes Coin (BIG) token is the major token that powers the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) community activities. 

Big Eyes Coin

How Bitcoin (BTC) Defined the Cryptocurrency Market

Bitcoin (BTC) is an open-source cryptocurrency that works without a central authority and operates using peer-to-peer technology. Bitcoin’s (BTC) safe and secure platform works without third-party involvement in the financial transactions being carried out.

 Since its introduction in 2009, Bitcoin (BTC) has become the most popular cryptocurrency worldwide. Its popularity and acceptance have inspired the development and introduction of other cryptocurrencies to the crypto market. 

Bitcoin (BTC) is a decentralized digital currency that can be transferred securely on a peer-to-peer network without interference. In 2022, it will be supported and accepted worldwide by non-profit organizations, institutions, companies, and even some countries as a fast and secure means of receiving donations and payments.

Bitcoin (BTC) can be used by anyone to perform a transaction without any approval other than confirmation of the legality of the transaction. The acceptance of Bitcoin (BTC) in the crypto market has had a major influence on other cryptocurrencies and how they fare in the market. Making it look like Bitcoin (BTC) ’s bull or bear trend in the market controls the bear or bull trends of these other cryptocurrencies. 

Big Eyes Coin

The Cheap and Carbon-friendly Cronos (CRO)

Cronos (CRO) is an open-source, easy-to-use blockchain platform that is used to port apps rapidly from the Ethereum and EVM-compatible chain networks. Cronos (CRO) processes more transactions per minute than the Ethereum network, which makes it faster. It also executes smart contracts in a cheaper and carbon-neutral pattern. Cronos (CRO) operates using the Cronos (CRO) token, which is the native token that is used in its blockchain technology to power its applications. 

Cronos (CRO) aims to help the world’s population enjoy the full promise of self-custody of their digital assets as well as speed up the transition to cryptocurrency for them by providing digital financial services.

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Big Eyes Coin

For more information on Big Eyes Coin (BIG) and its community, please visit the following links: 

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