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Three Projects To Rule Them All: Big Eyes Coin, Solana’s Star Atlas And Ethereum’s Gods Unchained


In the midst of the crypto winter, getting lost in the darkness could be easy. However, with the right guidelines, one can find a way even in the darkest hours. At the time of writing, the crypto market is getting ready to make a U-tun and enter the bull’s territory after almost ten months of the bear market. 

While most of the crypto industry was initially bleeding, with seemingly no contenders to save it, it looks like we might have a winner. Meet GemeFi, the next generation of blockchain gaming, where the emphasis is placed on the gaming experience first and only then on how to profit from the Play-to-Earn model. 

Today’s editorial will look into two games that will soon be believed to dominate the GameFi sector: Star Atlas, built on the Solana blockchain, and God’s Unchained, powered by the Ethereum network. In the meantime, we will take a detour to the third project on our list, Big Eyes Coin, which is an upcoming meme token that seeks to dethrone Dogecoin. Let’s dive in.

Big Eyes Coin

God’s Unchained: Ethereum Wonder 

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play blockchain game created to synthesise NFTs elements into a familiar card-trading gaming genre but with a nice twist. This Ethereum game is a game of skill, where players accumulate cards by purchasing them from other players or winning PVP matchups in a bloody battle. Unlike most games from this genre, the emphasis is placed on strategy rather than the quality of your deck, though it’s still highly essential. 

This rule helps to utilise the game’s ranking mode, where players with the same ratings are matched, making the battles more enjoyable. Take into account that an ERC-721 token, powered by the Ethereum blockchain, backs each card, meaning you can trade them on the platform’s native or open markets. Those who wish to sell cards within the game ecosystem will receive the platform’s native token, GODS, as payment. This game represents a perfect combination of fun stuff and passive income, thanks to the Ethereum network. 

Star Atlas: Solana’s Game With AAA* Rating

Star Atlas arguably represents one of the most anticipated games in current developments. Building on the idea of planetary exploration, this Solana-powered game promises to set up a new standard in play-to-earn space. The expansive gameplay combined with carefully-designed strategy elements and top-tier graphics is set to deliver the first AAA*-grade blockchain game, unprecedented for the GameFi sector. 

Most of the games on the market were not adopted for the conventional gaming format and mainly concentrated on delivering the Play-to-Earn model above anything else. Unlike many games in the space, this game is created on the Solana blockchain, which many believe to be the only viable option for the future of blockchain gaming. The Solana blockchain is considered a better energy consumption alternative than the Ethereum blockchain, which leaves a much bigger carbon footprint. Stay tuned to hear more news, as the beta version of this game is on its way. 

Big Eyes Coin: FOMO From Presale Is Real

Big Eyes Coin

By all accounts, Big Eyes Coin is not your typical meme coin, as it capitalises on several value propositions, stretching beyond the community factor. For starters, this project is environmentally conscious and pledges to donate 5% of its final token supply immediately after the launch. 

Further, it amalgamates two of the most lucrative crypto niches, DeFi and NFTs, by introducing a special NFT tax. With each subsequent sale, an original holder gets 4%, while another 5% is distributed among the holders of the platform’s native token, BIG. 

By doing this, the project incentivises its holder to sell and resell NFTs while also maintaining the liquidity of the token BIG. But the cherry on top is the upcoming NFT marketplace, where holders of the token BIG would be able to flip their favourite JPEGs around the clock. If you think you like this project, here is a promo code BEYES1805 to win free tokens when purchasing BIG. Happy trading! 

Big Eyes Coin

  • Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

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