Presale Reviews: Big Eyes (BIG) Flasko (FLSK), And Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)
Presale Reviews: Big Eyes (BIG) Flasko (FLSK), And Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

Presale Reviews: Big Eyes (BIG) Flasko (FLSK), And Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

By Crypto Advertising - 8 Nov 2022

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Big Eyes is taking on the cryptocurrency market, becoming a cat-inspired meme coin. Flasko is letting people invest in vintage alcohol via NFTs. Orbeon Protocol is providing a new approach to investing in startups. Analysts expect the Orbeon Protocol token to rally in the first presale phase by up to 6000%. Investors are wondering which one of these market newcomers will take the dominant position in the market.


Big Eyes (BIG), the cat-inspired meme coin

Big Eyes is a new meme coin on the market, and while it may not be the first meme coin ever developed, it offers a distinct perspective on meme coins. While many meme coins have dog or monkey/ape themes, Big Eyes has taken a different approach and adopted a cat motif. Big Eyes distinguishes itself from other meme coins and initiatives by embracing a cat’s adorable and friendly personality, whilst also including some unique features as part of its backend.

The cat-inspired Big Eyes coin is trying to take on its most significant competitor DogeCoin, as it is similarly a meme coin centered around animals. Big Eyes operates on the Ethereum blockchain and exchanges cryptocurrencies using the ERC-20 standard. The token’s presale began in the third quarter of 2022.

Big Eyes aims to generate wealth and form a community dedicated to ocean conservation; 5% of its total supply of Big Eyes coins will be placed in a transparent charity wallet.

Flasko (FLSK) lets people invest in vintage whiskeys, wines, and champagnes

Flasko is a platform for alternative investments that allows customers to invest in vintage whiskeys, wines, and champagnes. Flasko has frozen its liquid assets for 33 years since it intends to exist for a long period.

Users of Flasko can invest in and sell entire or partial NFTs backed by rare, high-end whiskeys, wines, and champagnes. Those who choose full Flasko NFTs can have the physical asset delivered to their desired location.

Flasko will offer 35% of the entire quantity of one billion FLSK tokens for presale. In addition, Flasko will list 12.5% of the supply on exchanges, 17.5% will be kept for marketing, and 14% will be allocated to the development team. Flasko will give 15% of the total supply to Protocol community investments, 5% to the platform’s partnerships, and 0.5% to unnamed charities.

Orbeon Protocol is providing much-needed access to the venture capital market

Orbeon Protocol helps startups raise funds more efficiently than traditional crowdfunding methods. With the platform’s help, businesses can boost their visibility and connect with potential investors, which also increases community engagement and helps to sustain the company long-term. Orbeon Protocol functions as a blockchain-based investment platform, which mints fractionalized NFTs of these startup investment opportunities, and anyone can purchase the NFTs for as low as $1. This level of accessibility is a huge advantage for everyday investors, as they can now access the venture capital industry in a way that has never been done before.

The crowdfunding market can be risky, as the businesses investors contribute to may fail to reach their financial targets and ultimately collapse. Orbeon offers a “Fill or Kill” mechanism, which returns the investor’s funds if the company fails to achieve its funding objective.

The ORBN token will grant the Orbeon community access to various perks, including governance, voting rights, staking rewards and bonuses, trading and transaction fee reductions, and more. As the native utility token of the Orbeon ecosystem, ORBN has seen massive  success during presale, with analysts forecasting a colossal 6000% increase in price by the end of presale.

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