Next-Generation Staking Platform Oryen Network Gains +110% After Proving Ease Of Use, Unlike GMX Or Dash2Trade
Next-Generation Staking Platform Oryen Network Gains +110% After Proving Ease Of Use, Unlike GMX Or Dash2Trade

Next-Generation Staking Platform Oryen Network Gains +110% After Proving Ease Of Use, Unlike GMX Or Dash2Trade

By Crypto Advertising - 12 Nov 2022

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Oryen Network, a next-generation staking platform, is already making waves in the current market. The project, amid its initial coin offering (ICO), has achieved a profit of +110% after proving ease of use. It places the Oryen network as one of the most profitable and safe projects in the crypto space. With such a strong start, it’s no surprise that Oryen is outperforming  GMX and Dash2Trade, as well as bringing the attention of top YouTubers.

Oryen network

Oryen has launched the Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT). Oryen OAT enables auto staking and auto compounding directly from investors’ wallets, offering a market-leading fixed APY of 90%, which works out to a daily ROI of 0.177%. Oryen supports these positive rebases with token taxes.

Oryen has an initial token supply of 40 million that is elastic and changes according to the price.

To amplify this pricing effect, Oryen employs a buy-and-sell tax system that encourages users to keep their tokens. When users choose to sell, a portion of the tax is given to provide liquidity and support the token in the future.

The project is now amid its initial coin offering (ICO) and has achieved a profit of +110% despite the bear market. Furthermore, the Oryen Auto-staking Protocol pays every 60 minutes, making it the fastest crypto auto-staking protocol. This is a beginner-friendly platform set to fly.


GMX is a decentralized exchange (DEX), meaning that investors may use smart contracts to purchase and sell tokens on the platform without an intermediary. As a result, the platform has cheap costs and zero price impact trading, which enables more capital-efficient trading without slippage, which is the gap between the expected and actual price of a deal. This is all great, however, it is not easily accessible to the wider audience due to its complexity.


Dash2Trade is a new crypto analytics and signals platform created to take your cryptocurrency trading to the next level. Dash 2 Trade assists you in staying on top of the market by offering technical indicators and alerts, as well as sophisticated on-chain data and trading tactics. Because of the tremendous demand, investors have rushed to purchase the project’s native D2T tokens before prices skyrocket as the presale unfolds.

The project’s mass appeal is one of the main reasons for its success. The technology provides customized automatic trading, extensive on-chain metrics, presale ranking based on a ‘Dash Score,’ a built-in platform to design and test strategies, and a mechanism to detect buyer sentiment via social media mentions of an asset. All of this works well for those looking to become traders, but that is only a small percentage of all people investing in crypto.

Oryen: Low-Risk, High-Return

So far, the numbers are substantial. Anyone seeking a good investment in the crypto sector should put this initiative first, with Oryen Network having the broadest appeal yet.

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