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Could Big Eyes be the Polygon of Cat Meme Coins? MATIC Enters the Top 10!


Polygon, the Layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution has entered the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation.  MATIC has been, by far, a stand-out performer in this bear market, putting in over a 300% ascension in token value from its bear market local bottom.

Could Polygon overtake Ethereum in blockchain utility due to its higher throughput? How high could MATIC really go from here in the bull market? What comparisons can be drawn between Big Eyes and Polygon? Read on to find out why many believe Big Eyes Coin might just put in a Polygon-like performance in the next bull market.

Polygon enters the top 10, what does this mean?

Firstly, it demonstrates the value that investors and the wider crypto community place on Ethereum Layer 2s. Trading at a market capitalisation of $10 billion, Polygon offers users all the capabilities of the Layer-1 Ethereum blockchain but with higher throughput. Put simply – lower transaction fees and faster transaction settlement.

Big Eyes

The premise of a Layer 2 blockchain is to decongest the main ETH blockchain by providing a connected subnetwork to facilitate transactions. Polygon was the first of its kind to do this and since Polygon’s success, other chains like Optimism and Arbitrum have emerged providing a similar service.

MATIC’s climb to crypto ascendency provides clarity to a muddled crypto industry. That is the prevalence and significance of Ethereum and its Layer 2s as a web3 and DeFi infrastructure. These technologies are likely the global foundations for the ever-evolving NFT, metaverse, Decentralised Finance and enterprise-level blockchain applications. 

Big Eyes encompasses memes, DeFi and charity into ETH

The meme coin market has come under a great deal of speculation of late. Following Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter and the possibility of Dogecoin becoming a payment method on the Twitter platform, meme coins have seen a surge in interest and trading volume.

Big Eyes is a presale meme ERC-20 token that has benefitted greatly from this increased exposure to the cryptocurrency community. Quite revolutionary, they have seen the saturation of the doge in the meme coin market and tried to fill the gap.  Check out this youtube video for more information on Big Eyes!

Big Eyes is the mascot of the Big Eyes Coin project, and it is a cute, anime-inspired cat, looking to disrupt the established meme coin rankings. 

Rumour on the grapevine is that the development team have secured a huge media partnership and the Big Eyes cat will be featured on the 3D billboard in Times Square next week. This could be a huge catalyst for the Big Eyes presale, which has currently raised $9 million. An advertisement like this is sure to get a huge amount of impressions, with millions of people passing the board every day. 

Regarding branding, which is central to a meme coin project, this could incur any number of possibilities. Celebrity endorsements are a serious possibility now, as this media stunt will give the project a huge amount of publicity and credibility that the developers are serious about the project. 

If the Big Eyes project interests you, check out the attached link or the button below to be taken to its website. A purchase before the Times Square media stunt could be the perfect time to get your hands on this token while it is still at a cheap price.

Big Eyes Coin

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