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Three Fantastic Crypto Marketing Campaigns: Coinbase, Big Eyes, and FTX


How you pitch something is pivotal to its success or failure. I will be looking at three innovative crypto marketing campaigns: the Super Bowl ads for Coinbase and FTX, and Big Eyes’ (BIG) recent Times Square 3D billboard.

Big Eyes,

Coinbase: A Classic Choice

Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. 

Coinbase’s Super Bowl ad was immensely simple in concept. It was a QR code bouncing around the screen just like how old DVD screensavers had DVD logos that would bounce around. Many people are mesmerised by this, glued to the screen to see if the DVD logo will perfectly hit the corners of the screen. This QR code directed people to the Coinbase website where new users can get $15 for free in Bitcoin (BTC) and existing customers can enter a raffle to win $3 million.

Although a great concept, Coinbase’s landing page crashed as they experienced more traffic than ever before. Great concept and execution, they just did not quite stick the landing.

Big Eyes Coin

You Mean FTX? The Exchange That Just Filed For Bankruptcy?

Yes, yes we do. Although FTX did implode and took the whole market with it in the recent disastrous crypto crash, FTX had a great Super Bowl commercial. In the commercial, comedian Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm fame comedically decries and ridicules some of humanity’s most revolutionary inventions, such as the wheel, the lightbulb, toilets, and democracy amongst other things. As the ad wraps up, FTX is brought to David’s attention: “a safe and easy way to get into crypto.” David quickly dismisses it: “Ehhh, I don’t think so. And I’m never wrong about this stuff — never.” Boom. Freeze frame. Text over David’s face: “Don’t be like Larry”.

Big Eyes

Although in an ironic turn of events the commercial became predictive of FTX’s fate, and David was right this time, the execution was fantastic. Unlike’s Superbowl commercial with Matt Damon comparing investing in crypto and the invention of the plane and the first astronauts, FTX takes a more simple approach. It shows the close-mindedness of some individuals throughout human history that were too caught up in the status quo to see a different way of thinking. Cryptocurrency is presented in the ad as just another thing that people are being close-minded about.

The pacing of the commercial is engaging, with David’s comedic timing bringing a smile to the most jaded viewer. The audience is treated with dynamic camera angles and movement to keep things visually interesting, topping off the whole ad with a slow push into David’s face. It also had engaging sound design with subtle scoring that reflected each era.

Big Eyes,

Big Eyes Blasting Through Times Square

Big Eyes (BIG) has a very slick 3D billboard ad running in Times Square right now. Like the Coinbase commercial, it is very simple. It has a cat jumping into a fish tank, clawing at a coin, smashing through the glass, and happily collecting the coin. The billboard does not mention that it is crypto at all. The ad works well as passersby may be curious as to what Big Eyes is, or like the cute cat design and want to find out more. This would drive more traffic to the cathouse, and then people can see for themselves the amazing opportunity Big Eyes offers, all whilst helping the environment.

Final Thoughts

Though FTX had a great commercial, the unfortunate collapse of the exchange has forever tinged the commercial with irony. However, there is a great deal to learn from such a well executed commercial. With more cryptocurrencies using more inventive marketing campaigns, it will only lead to growth in the crypto space, which is beneficial for everyone involved!

Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)




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