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Algorand and Sponsor FIFA 2022 World Cup. What does this mean for Big Eyes Coin?


The FIFA World Cup 2022 is only a week away, and football fans worldwide are gearing up for another world-class sporting event. 

The Arab country of Qatar is hosting this year. Alongside FIFA, Qatar is prepared to deliver the best version of the FIFA world cup to date, said the president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino.

During the run-up to the 2022 FIFA World Cup, cryptocurrency and blockchain industries have been key players. The blockchain platform Algorand (ALGO) is the official blockchain sponsor of FIFA, chosen for its green credentials and expert-backed systems. In addition, the platform has also been selected to sponsor the event, which is likely to expose the platform to a huge crowd of excited football fans.

These are two major sponsorships for team crypto. In the run-up to the World Cup, the crypto community is excited to see what this kind of global representation and mainstream integration of crypto could do for other cryptocurrencies like Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Algorand is the Blockchain platform of choice in 2022

Algorand is a digital blockchain and cryptocurrency with the ticker symbol ALGO. This blockchain platform can finalise transactions extremely quickly and host decentralised applications. The reason why Algorand is considered the hottest blockchain platform of choice in 2022 is due to the fact that it can outperform Ethereum’s (ETHER) transaction speed and is the greenest high-performance blockchain.

Algorand has partnered with FIFA and will provide them with an official blockchain-supported wallet solution as well as assist FIFA in its digital product strategy. Algorand’s partnership with FIFA is a key opportunity for Algorand to demonstrate how its blockchain solutions can elevate global sporting events. 

The reasons why Algorand was able to scoop such a prestigious partnership were all down to Algorand’s ability to provide instant transactions for a low price and with negligible impact on the environment. Algorand ticks all the right boxes and is set to gain even more renown.

Big Eyes Coin Sponsors FIFA! is the fastest-growing crypto exchange, with over fifty million users. A cryptocurrency exchange allows crypto holders to buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrencies. One of the major selling points for is its top-notch security, alongside its cheaper fees than other competitors like the Binance exchange. also offers opportunities to earn rewards and interest on investments, as well as top educational and crypto-earning opportunities. Finally, is a popular exchange simply because of its easy-to-use systems.

Big Eyes Coin was selected by FIFA to be one of the main sponsors of the 2022 World Cup. To facilitate a smooth partnership, has joined forces with Visa, which will facilitate the payments on the debit cards. and Visa will work together to host an NFT auction for five NFTs that will feature famous goals from previous World Cups around the world. The auction will last the length of the event, and all of the proceeds will be donated to charity. 

Big Eyes Coin

Another feature which is proving popular is the FIFA Fan Festival. This digital event will allow fans to create their own NFTs by participating in six-on-six matches. During these matches, their interactions will be captured and turned into unique GIFs which can be coloured to match their favourite team. Once they have generated these GIFs, fans can then opt to have their GIFs sent to them as NFTs through

Big Eyes Coin

How will Algorand and’s FIFA partnerships affect other cryptocurrencies like Big Eyes Coin?

Big Eyes Coin is a new cryptocurrency growing in its presale stages, with over $9 million raised at the time of writing. It is a meme coin with two goals; to move wealth into the Defi and save a vital part of our ecosystem, oceans, and marine life. 

Big Eyes is a cryptocurrency growing up in a world, unlike its forebears. When and Algorand grew up, crypto-skepticism put up a lot of roadblocks for new coins with bright futures. The fear of unknown technologies, alongside scammers and maleficent users, has contributed to a wall of crypto uncertainty that only the technically savvy at heart dared to climb.

However, this type of attitude has started to change, and Big Eyes Coin is poised to benefit from the current positive attitude to crypto projects that and Algroand have ushered in. That’s not to say that there aren’t still issues, namely the recent collapse of FTX, but there are also glaringly positive features and solutions that are now being adopted globally. This can only mean good news for Big Eyes Coin and other cryptocurrencies which are currently emerging into the crypto market.

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Big Eyes Coin

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