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Oryen ICO Gains 120% and Tempts Tamadoge and Big Eyes Investor’s Attention


Many traders feel pressure with the current bearish trend in the crypto market. So much so that some holders have given up on holding entirely.

However, some coins have shown considerable resilience against the bearish tides and are performing well.  For example, one coin has gained a 120% increase in value over the last week. This coin is Oryen.

Analysts are paying close attention to the ICO because they feel it has the potential to reach new highs. According to a video by Jim Crypto, the Oryen ICO shares the same market sentiment among users and business communities.

In particular, the Oryen network has attracted many investors from Tamadoge and Big Eyes. They have already bought into this venture, believing that Oryen will become successful in the long run. 

According to Business2Community, it ranks among the top ten DeFi coins to buy in right now. 

The cryptocurrency industry has slacked throughout the year, with many coins falling well below their all-time high prices. However, ORY has defied the odds and exceeded expectations with its presale projections. The project has provided roughly four times as much return on investment for its investors.

So let’s examine why crypto enthusiasts adopt ORY to their portfolios more closely.

Understanding Oryen Network

Oryen network represents a feature-packed application. The platform features a powerful staking tool where ICO investors can earn daily rewards while earning passive income. All ICO investors need is to hold and auto-stake $ORY.

One amazing feature of Oryen’s platform is its auto-staking technic. Besides making it easier to stake, OAT also offers high returns. Moreover, these stable returns factor into the prevailing market conditions.

This comes from a complex algorithm set that features factors that help in the management of rebase rewards. Further, it employs a type of game theory that relies on previous staking projects. These form part of the complex patterns that exist behind the scene.

Moreover, Oryen features a risk-free value wallet. This is an important feature that helps in the estimation of the value that is maintained by the Oryen network. During harsh market conditions, it could prove dire for Oryen as all backing would go down.  However, the RFV wallet complements each asset’s market price end and protects its value.

What About Tamadoge?

TAMA is a P2P meme coin. It enables users to play games while earning points. Later on, players can turn these points into tokens. Players hang out and interact in the Tamaverse while carrying out different activities, such as breeding or battling.

Furthermore, the platform is set to make it more entertaining with the release of P2E arcade games. This takes players into the augmented reality phase.

What About Big Eyes?

Big Eyes is another meme coin. Like other meme coins, it depends on the hype and buzz to do a successful project. Apart from being a meme coin, Big Eyes plays an important role in the community, with a percentage aimed toward charity.

Final Takeaway

The recent growth for Oryen urges Big Eyes and Tamadoge investors to keep an eye on the overperforming token. The fourth phase of the presale is currently at 120%. Most investors should take advantage of the growing trend for the token. It is the perfect source to earn passive income plus daily rewards.

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