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Audited Staking Platform Oryen Network surges 140% during Presale – Will it be as successful as IMPT, D2T, or SHIB?


Oryen’s price and appeal have exploded since it first appeared. In its current presale round, the value of its native token ORY increased by 140%. It surpasses IMPT, Dash2Trade, and SHIB, three of its main adversaries, as a result. How do these other coins contrast to Oryen?

IMPT: What is it? connects companies with environmental programs, making it easier to support conservation efforts. The tool uses blockchain technology to track environmental groups’ work and assure financing transparency. Businesses can be certain that the carbon credits they buy are used to have a beneficial environmental impact in this way.

The native token of the protocol, $IMPT, may be used to purchase or trade carbon credits. The initiative and its token offer a more straightforward method for businesses to offset their carbon footprint. 


The Oryen Network is a new DeFi project recognized for its Oryen AutoStaking Technic (OAT).

The reinvestment of staked rewards is done automatically by the auto-staking mechanism. Staking is a method for generating crypto rewards that enables owners of cryptocurrencies to lock (invest) their money in a pool in exchange for a return on their investment. As a consequence, there is mutual WIN-WIN relationship, benefiting both parties.

Investing in a standard staking pool using cryptocurrency is risky. Finding that staking pool can take long and comes with hefty transaction costs. This dampens the spirit of the entire staking process. This is where Oryen’s auto-staking kicks in. The OAT mechanism also assures holders earn 0.00733% interest every hour, giving a fixed 90% yearly return, using a positive rebasing formula.

The Oryen presale is succeeding tremendously, increasing by 140% in only a few weeks. A significant boost to this growth came by obtaining SolidProof’s Audit.

Dash2Trade (D2T)

Dash2Trade is a new trading signals platform that wants to help its customers develop into more successful investors and traders. It undertakes on-chain research, broadcasts trade signals to highlight buying and selling opportunities, and tracks social sentiment to spot trends.

Additionally, a variety of strategy-building tools are accessible enabling traders to do backtests in real time, without taking any financial risks.

The D2T currency, which may be exchanged separately, is essential to the ecosystem.

Holders of D2T, an Ethereum-based ERC-20 tax-free token, will receive varied levels of access to tools and insights via a tiered subscription model.

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Developed in August 2020, Shiba Inu (SHIB) is a decentralized digital currency. As a meme coin based on the Ethereum network, it is fairly similar to Dogecoin. The Shiba Inu is well-liked among meme fans and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


Each of the cryptocurrencies mentioned above focuses on a different problem and utilizes unique strategies. Nevertheless, when ROI is the main point of concern, ORY is the best option.  By providing the automated staking process with the highest rebase rewards and a fixed annual interest rate of 90%, Oryen is revolutionizing the staking experience and making it available to everyone.

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