As Bitcoin Continues To Lose Traction, BudBlockz Is Rising
As Bitcoin Continues To Lose Traction, BudBlockz Is Rising

As Bitcoin Continues To Lose Traction, BudBlockz Is Rising

By Crypto Advertising - 23 Nov 2022

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Apart from their rallying prices, what draws most investors to blockchain-powered assets like cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is the absence of authority with absolute control. The lack of third-party interference means investors have more control over the investment mechanism and don’t have to pay high transaction fees and brokerage charges.

You can narrow your list by selecting some leading names like BudBlockz (BLUNT) and Bitcoin (BTC). BudBlockz is an upcoming cannabis-based blockchain trading platform that is becoming very popular among crypto enthusiasts. 

BudBlockz: Secure Linkages with the Global Cannabis Market

BudBlockz is an e-commerce platform that enables its users to securely and legally explore business opportunities in the global cannabis market. The platform is evolving to become a bridge between entrepreneurs and firms and the international cannabis industry. As part of its plan to build a secure and accessible ecosystem, BudBlockz will be opening cannabis farms and dispensaries worldwide. These facilities will help boost production, adoption of cannabis products, research, and market linkages. It has rolled out a native token called $BLUNT, which will be used for various transactional purposes like staking, voting, NFT trading, liquidity management, and much more. 

With a supply capped at 420,000,00, the $BLUNT Token will be available on presale, so interested buyers can purchase it. It is built on the ERC-20 protocol of the Ethereum network.

Of the total token supply, the largest share of the tokens has been set aside for presale (25.6%) and liquidity pool provisioning (25%). Another 6% of the tokens have been reserved for private sale. Around 2% of the tokens have also been reserved for the ‘How High’ token burn events organized by the platform. As the $BLUNT Token is deflationary, these tokens are burned regularly at such events. Burning these tokens keeps their supply scarce and minimizes price fluctuations. The remaining token supply is divided between founders, project partners, maintenance of developers’ wallets, and for financing marketing activities.

The tokens reserved for the project partners and founders have a vesting period of a year, while those reserved for marketing activities are locked for 90 days. BudBlockz has also launched a limited-series NFT collection called Ganja Guruz. The NFT series is built on the ERC-721 protocol and features a collection of digital art pieces that are a throwback to the video games of the 1990s. Their total supply is fixed at 10,000 units. 

Following the predictions of crypto analysts, BudBlockz has an advantage over Bitcoin in terms of long-term growth. As BudBlockz has an industry-linked use case and offers multiple opportunities to its users to earn passive income, it encourages them to hold the $BLUNT token for the long term to receive huge profits as the platform expands throughout the world. 

Blockchain Investor Sticks to Price Prediction for Bitcoin

Bitcoin is among the most profitable blockchain-based asset to have been launched till today. It has a native token called BTC that can be used for various transactional purposes like staking, liquidity pool provisioning, token swapping, and crypto trading. It leverages peer-to-peer technology and operates without depending on a central authority for managing its transactions or generating BTC Tokens. It’s a public blockchain network that isn’t owned by a single institution and has a community-driven approach. 

The cryptocurrency allows its users to receive BTC Tokens in their wallet for free, and it can be used to make seamless cross-border transactions. Also, all Bitcoin transactions are secured by cryptographic signatures and restrict misuse. As the platform leverages the proof-of-work algorithm, the energy consumed in the process prevents users from losing or undoing their transactions. The billionaire venture capitalist and leading blockchain investor Tim Draper believes that Bitcoin will cross the $250,000 mark in 2023. He continues to stand by his price prediction despite the recent FTX crash and the following upheaval. In a recent interview, Draper said that as FTX depended on a single founder, it had a “single point of failure.” In contrast, Bitcoin is decentralized as opposed to FTX, and it won’t be affected by the failure of FTX.

To mint your own BudBlockz Ganja Guruz NFT visit:

Once on the page click the “Mint Now” button and connect your ERC20 compatible wallet. You will be able to mint your Ganja Guruz NFT for 0.09 ETH. 

Purchase or learn more about BudBlockz (BLUNT) at the links below:

Official Website:

Presale Registration:: 

BudBlockz Community Links:

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