Dogeliens: A Crypto Platform for User Engagement like Decentraland and Chiliz
Dogeliens: A Crypto Platform for User Engagement like Decentraland and Chiliz

Dogeliens: A Crypto Platform for User Engagement like Decentraland and Chiliz

By Crypto Advertising - 28 Nov 2022

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The performance of DogeCoin in recent years has impressed investors. Although its creators made it to mock the inflated hype of Bitcoin (BTC), it became viral and successful. Also, DogeCoin influenced the birth of other meme tokens. Among meme coins, dog-themed (or canine) tokens are the most common.

Dogeliens, with its token DOGET, is the newest member of canine meme currencies. The project team has spent considerable time and resources designing it. So, they believe that the project can replicate the success of DogeCoin. Besides receiving support from a community of enthusiasts, Dogeliens has many other utilities.


Dogeliens intends to enter the metaverse by building new games. It also offers an academy to enlighten people about blockchain technology. In addition, Dogeliens has plans to donate massively to charities and other sharing concepts. Developing and underdeveloped countries find it challenging to provide quality education for their masses. That is why several non-governmental organizations have aided developing countries.

Dogeliens is passionate about education and wants to support those with less privilege. Hence, it plans to set up a charity wallet. Here, it will deposit 3% of all transactions completed in its ecosystem. Then the community will vote on which charity will receive the donated funds.

Apart from its educational goals, Dogeliens will also establish a blockchain academy. Notably, only 7% of the world population shows interest in cryptocurrency. Thus, people need to learn more about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies and Dogeliens Academy aims to deliver just that. The best part of this academy is that most courses are free. However, Dogeliens will attach a fee to some courses to ensure that the academy remains sustainable.

What is the DOGET Token?

DOGET powers all the activities in the Dogeliens ecosystem. Although DOGET is a meme token that can function as a means of payment, the crypto-based services that Dogeliens provide make $DOGET different from meme coins like DogeCoin.

At launch, DOGET will have a total supply of 25 billion tokens. While 15% of the supply is reserved for the academy, another 35% will go into Dogeliens’ P2E game. 

Moreover, 30% of DOGET’s total supply is for presale and bonus treats. Then, the remaining 20% will be set aside for liquidity and project development.

What Dogeliens Can Learn From Decentraland’s Metaverse 

On November 3, 2022, Decentraland announced that it would add more artists to its upcoming music festival. Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival 2022 (DCLMVMF22) will show innovative ways that music superstars can engage their fans in the metaverse. 

More so, crypto exchange giant Kraken will sponsor the show. This virtual festival is slated for November 10-13, and it is free for all to attend without needing a ticket or a VR headset.

World-renowned music star Bjork will enter this show’s metaverse for the first time. This happens during DCLMVMF22, where she will perform some of her hit songs. Furthermore, Bjork will host the world premiere of her latest music video, “Sorrowful Soil.” These are among the surprises she is preparing for her fans.

Of course, other notable artists will also perform at the festival. For instance, country music star BRELAND and an English-Ethiopian songwriter, Izzy Bizu, will perform live on a virtual stage.

The Strengths of Chiliz’s Acquisitions  


Chiliz is the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange for entertainment and sports, and it is available on Desktop iOS and Android devices. On June 5, 2020, it announced that Galatasaray (GAL) token would start trading on

Earlier, the Juventus token, JUV, began trading on the platform, and its price has gone from €2 to about €4.43. Other fan tokens trading on the Chiliz exchange include FC Barcelona (BAR), AS Roma (ASR), FC Porto (Porto), Atlético de Madrid (ATM), etc. This sort of blending of cryptocurrencies with massive institutions can offer a blueprint for success for the Dogeliens project.

How to buy DOGET:

  1. Create a BSC crypto wallet, preferably, MetaMask or Trust wallet.
  2. Fund your wallet by adding some BNB or ETH
  3. Proceed to the Dogeliens presale site and connect your wallet with the platform.
  4. Enter the amount of BNB or ETH you’re swapping for DOGET.
  5. Finally, confirm the transaction by signing it in your wallet.


Conclusion: Worth The Investment?


The strong communities backing meme tokens will continue to help them grow in value. On its part, Dogeliens has an added leverage – its DeFi use cases. Therefore, buyers can capitalize on Dogeliens utilities as a reason to invest in this emerging ecosystem, as well as the many other strengths it has.

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