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“Take The Money And Run!”— STEPN, Sweatcoin, and Runfy Will Pay You To Exercise


There’s a lot not to like about the fitness industry: paywalls, toxic culture, influencer promotions, and scams, let alone that exercising is a huge challenge for many. 

Fitness is a privilege and not always an accessible choice. Either it is too expensive, or people feel shamed for attempting to participate. 

Luckily, we are at a precipice where the health industry may evolve. Thanks to the advantages of blockchain, the projects STEPN (GMT), Sweatcoin (SWEAT), and Runfy (RNF) are all innovating ways to reward their users for exercise.

STEPN By STEPN, You Get Healthier And Wealthier

STEPN is one of, if not the most, popular move-to-earn initiatives out there right now. Think Strava or Map My Run, but you can earn crypto for activities. The way STEPN does this is by monitoring the distance covered through walking, jogging, and running.

The rate you earn will be adjusted based on your ability. As you improve your fitness level, you will generate more GMT, the native currency.

STEPN utilizes a mixture of play-to-earn gamification and move-to-earn by using sneaker NFTs that can be repaired and improved over time. These sneakers can then be sold to produce profits.

Sweatcoin, Where Sweat = Money


A more recent move-to-earn cryptocurrency, Sweatcoin rewards its app users with currency once they reach their daily step targets. Money earned can be put towards products like iPhones or yoga classes, converted into SWEAT, and even donated to charity.

Sweatcoin has some exciting partnerships with UK government faculties, including the NHS, in the hope of improving health among people. Another incentive will be Sweatcoin’s upcoming NFTs and games.

While STEPH has been on the market since the start of 2022, Sweatcoin was released in September 2022. It still has a lot of time to prove itself to the fitness industry. 

Runfy: Run For Your Life

It’s no joke that move to earn is a category of crypto that is still in its infancy, and Runfy is no exception. Runfy has not been released to the market yet and has only just started the first stage of its presale. Presales allow crypto enthusiasts to get in early on a project before it becomes pricer and potentially explodes. 

While it may be hard to guess which direction the fitness world takes, a move to decentralized and more rewarding schemes is possible. Runfy is one such scheme that could ring with those who need some added flare to daily exercise.

Users of Runfy will earn similarly to those who use STEPN and Sweatcoin by completing fitness goals. But completing goals is not the only aspect of Runfy. A self-perpetuating community will be in hand for any tips, or much-needed support will also be present. 

Furthermore, Runfy will be integrated with existing fitness accessories so that exercise is more accessible and, at the end of the day, easy. The more fitness enthusiast earns, the more they will continue to produce through a multiplier bonus added to their wallet.

If you are looking for anything extra, the ability to buy consultations and training aid from fitness professionals will also be possible. This will come in addition to a shop where you can buy new and used sports equipment.

Exercise is hard enough, so Runfy aims to be an app that can motivate people to power through mental and physical strain.

From Pay To Move To Move To Pay


For too long, the fitness industry has been dominated by companies and apps aiming to make a profit from their customers without considering to what extent they can benefit their users in return. 

Move-to-earn projects like Runfy are revolutionizing the way we think and participate in the exercise. Maybe sometime soon, we’ll find ourselves running not only for our health but also for the health of our wallets.

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