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A Surge in Big Eyes Coin Pre-Sale As Algorand and Enjin Coin Communities Expands


As predicted, the cryptocurrency market has had a rough 2022, with most cryptocurrencies experiencing price drops of 20% or more due to the bear market. New cryptocurrency projects, such as Big Eyes Coin (BIG), are about to join the industry despite the recent market downturn. At the same time, existing cryptocurrencies, such as Algorand (ALGO) and Enjin Coin (ENJ), are consolidating their positions in the market.

Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin’s (BIG) pre-sale is gaining traction, while the Algorand (ALGO) and Enjin Coin’s (ENJ) communities are expanding. This post will provide you with an update on the most recent occurrences in the cryptocurrency market by discussing these crypto tokens – Enjin Coin (ENJ), Big Eyes Coin (BIG), and Algorand (ALGO).

Algorand – The Sustainable Blockchain 

The Algorand Foundation refers to their cryptocurrency, Algorand (ALGO), as a “Carbon-Negative Blockchain.” The Foundation sponsored a massive billboard in New York City’s Times Square, which blinked with these words. This ingenious advertising ploy raised awareness about the Algorand (ALGO) project and drove home the system’s key ideas.

As a decentralized blockchain, Algorand (ALGO) facilitates and empowers numerous uses and applications. The primary goal of the blockchain’s architecture is to achieve transaction speeds that are orders of magnitude higher than those of current industry leaders like Ethereum (ETH).

The Algorand (ALGO) team and affiliated Foundation have made it a priority for the platform to reduce the adverse effects of cryptocurrency mining on the global environment by facilitating a more effective and less resource-intensive blockchain procedure.

Enjin Coin – Creating and Managing Cryptocurrencies On Ethereum

Big Eyes Coin

The Enjin Coin (ENJ) platform is a tool for creating and managing cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum network.

For anyone interested in creating their digital assets on Ethereum and integrating them into games and applications, Enjin Coin (ENJ) has made available software development kits (SDKs).

Every new asset combines the flexibility of a cryptocurrency and the security of a smart contract and can be adapted to any platform. Such a resource will be easy to send and receive, cheap, and safe.

If you’re interested in expanding your game’s content with unique assets, Enjin Coin (ENJ) might be worth looking into. But to play, you’ll need to have some ENJ coins. If you are looking for a more open system to transact with digital products for gaming, Enjin Coin (ENJ) may be of interest to you.

Big Eyes Coin Exudes Sustainability

The Big Eyes Coin is the best meme coin available; round 7 of its presale has just begun, and they have already raised an incredible $11 million. The success of this meme currency is growing as new benchmarks are set.

The BIG team intends to provide the most practical meme token on the cryptocurrency market. When the Big Eyes Coin is launched, seventy per cent of the BIG Tokens will be distributed to early adopters. Looking closely, you may see that the Big Eyes Mascot has some Anime characteristics.

Japanese animation is a popular genre on both big and small screens, and its audiences span the ages. This is why the Big Eyes mascot is so ingenious: it immediately appeals to people of all ages.

Big Eyes Coin

As part of its commitment to marine conservation, BIG plans to give away 5% tokens to environmental groups working to protect aquatic species. This is a component of its resolve to campaign for the protection of our ecology, which is something that it has committed to doing. The BIG community has come out in strong support of this fight, which is occuring at a higher rate than ever.

Check out the video below for more Big Eyes Coin!

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