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Top Crypto Projects of 2022: BNB and Big Eyes Coin


It takes time and effort to find the best crypto project to invest in. These projects are distinguished by their use cases and the solutions they bring to the entire crypto ecosystem. That’s not to say projects without utility don’t perform well. As hype sometimes drives the ecosystem. So, investors have to conduct research on the project’s background and also keep an ear on the sentiments. 

BNB and Big Eyes Coin (BIG) are two of those solid projects you should keep an eye on. These projects are backed by solid use cases and teams and have the needed hype. That said, let’s look at these projects in more detail.


Big Eyes Coin

Binance is an exchange and blockchain ecosystem. Binance is one of the biggest cryptocurrency centralized exchanges in the world. The platform aids the buying and selling of cryptocurrency through a variety of modes.

As one of the biggest crypto-centralized exchanges, it can be seen as one of the safest exchanges. The platform has an in-built hot wallet where users can store cryptocurrencies

The Binance exchange was initially launched before BNB. Not long after the platform was launched, the Binance coin was listed through an initial coin offering (ICO). However, it was just a token as at the ICO. But, Binance coin is now a coin, thanks to its backing blockchain technology.

Binance is also a blockchain ecosystem. It has the Binance chain and the Binance smart chain. Similar to most blockchains, it is an open-source program that allows developers to build their products on it. Simply, Binance enables developers to run smart contracts with the aid of its network. Developers can build swapping protocols, tokens (fungible and non-fungible), games, metaverse spaces, gambling platforms, and a host of others. 

The exchange and the blockchain provide more utility for the coin. The coin initially enabled crypto traders to pay trading fees and receive discounts and rewards. But coin now does more than just that. The coin allows for interaction with the protocol. It can also be staked for quick returns. There is so much to do with the Binance ecosystem.

Big Eyes Coin: A Crypto Cat House

Big Eyes Coin is a meme and community token using cat branding. It takes on the visual representation of a cat and tells the story of a cat. Before now, there has been no known cat meme coin. Many meme coins carried the representation of the Shiba Inu dog and were similar to Dogecoin. However, Big Eyes Coin is creating something different. It is starting a crypto cathouse.

As part of its plans, an NFT club will be used for community members’ onboarding. The club will be known as the Sushi club, and members will need an NFT pass to access the community. In the NFT club, users will have access to a variety of Big Eyes Coin NFTs. Another critical aspect of the club is royalties. 10% will be taxed on NFTs sales and distributed to the original owner, other NFT holders, and charity.

Aside from the NFT club, there will be a normal community for members, backed by the fungible token, BIG. This community will focus on creating educational content that will onboard new users and crypto enthusiasts. They will also be pushing events, virtual and physical.

Unlike the NFT club, tokens will not be taxed on transactions. All transactions are free. However, one thing that makes BIG unique is its cute comics (tokenomics). The team will make available 90% of the total supply to the public (70% on presale; 20% in exchanges). The remaining 10% will go to charity—nothing for developers or the team. After the presales, the team will be listed with Uniswap.

You can either choose to join the public presales or buy from an exchange. However, the tokens may increase in value before the exchange listing.

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For more information on the project:




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