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Big Eyes Coin, Tron, And Solana, Are Cryptocurrencies You Shouldn’t Write-Off


Top market players believe time is the ultimate judge of whether a crypto asset is profitable. The time of purchase, the duration of holding, and when you sell are all vital factors that affect crypto assets’ profitability. Thus, seizing opportunities and controlling your emotions is not the only thing crypto investors need to boost their chances of profiting; patience is also key. 

Big Eyes Coin

Selling a cryptocurrency that pumps afterward is common in the crypto market. Tron (TRX) and Solana (SOL) holders may experience this regret, too, if they write off the altcoins quickly. Analysts believe the altcoins alongside the new meme coin, Big Eyes (BIG), could bring great returns in the long run, and only patient crypto investors would reap from this yield. 

Creators Unite – Tron (TRX) 

Tron is a highly functional blockchain platform for content creators and dApp developers. Users can leverage the decentralized platform to share media content and earn from it without sharing royalties or needing any third party. The high-speed network charges no transaction fees while providing users with optimum security and functionality. 

The blockchain platform uses a delegated-proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, securing it through staking. Staking brings passive income opportunities and confers voting rights on holders.

Tron (TRX) is yet to cross the $1 mark since it launched about 5 years ago, making many give up on the cryptocurrency. However, made a profit for holders in the previous year, rallying from an $0.001 all-time low to a $0.2 all-time high. Analysts believe Tron(TRX)  can still bring similar returns in the long run. 

Shining So Brightly They Blind The Competition – Solana (SOL) 

Solana features make it one of the most used blockchain platforms by dApp builders. The major network successfully mitigates blockchain’s trilemma, providing users with a decentralized, scalable, super fast, and secure network. Solana supports the building of powerful applications by providing developers with the tools they may need. 

The blockchain platform uses the proof-of-history and proof-of-stake hybrid consensus to ensure proper functioning and security. The user-friendly network leverages blockchain technology to provide DeFi solutions and aid smart contract execution. Solana token (SOL) ensures the proper functioning of the Solana network and its ecosystem. 

The top altcoin boasts $13+ billion in market capitalization, and it’s one of the best-performing top cryptocurrencies in the last bull market. Irrespective of Solana’s price decline, analysts believe the cryptocurrency isn’t one to write off quickly. It is billed for a great 2023 and beginning its recovery run a few weeks from now. 

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Takes The Lead 

Big Eyes is a DeFi meme coin built on the Ethereum network. It aims to help users build their finances and enhance their knowledge about the crypto space. Big Eyes (BIG) aims to make DeFi more beneficial to users while ensuring the Big Eyes’ ecosystem aids users’ growth. The crypto project will feature a swap for exchanging crypto assets, NFTs collections for exclusive access to content and events, and a community backed by numerous incentives and rewards. 

Unlike most platforms, Big Eyes (BIG) is tax-free. Its treasury system is unique, and there’s a reserve for charity to organizations involved in saving aquatic life and protecting the oceans. Big Eyes token (BIG) will control the ecosystem’s utility. It will be used to complete transaction fees, t NFTs and merchandise trading in the marketplace, rewards, etc. 

BIG could live up to its name and become a big meme coin in the coming months. The new cryptocurrency is rounding up its presale stage after an impressive run gathering $10+ million. There’s still a high possibility of a great return when you join Big Eyes (BIG) presale at this stage. It is set for launch on major crypto exchanges and could experience a price pump upon launching. 

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Big Eyes Coin (BIG)




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