The Cryptocurrency Market Might Be Entering A Cycle: Big Eyes Coin, Quant, And Decentraland To Take It All For A New Phase
The Cryptocurrency Market Might Be Entering A Cycle: Big Eyes Coin, Quant, And Decentraland To Take It All For A New Phase

The Cryptocurrency Market Might Be Entering A Cycle: Big Eyes Coin, Quant, And Decentraland To Take It All For A New Phase

By Crypto Advertising - 7 Dec 2022

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Top digital currencies have long dominated the cryptocurrency market Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. While the market is in a dip condition, new and middle-class coins are reinforcing to take the market to a new dimension. The market is about to be revolutionized to usher in a new set of cryptocurrencies with exceptional business plans. Before the advent of features like NFT and Play-to-Earn, the crypto ecosystem was somehow dull. However, through the creativity of Metaverse, coins like Decentraland and the like have been created to keep the fun.

Other projects like Big Eyes Coin are on top of the game, building a capacity network to foster massive wealth creation. While doing so, its heart for NFT is centred on becoming among the top 10 NFT collections. Big Eyes Coin as a meme coin has demonstrated the power of focus in its presale stage. Big Eyes Coin has been applauded for its capacity to pull over $7 million in its presale stage.

Big Eyes

Quant (QNT) To Unite Different Blockchain Network

Big Eyes Coin

Quant (QNT) is the first blockchain operating system created to become a solution to the interoperability problem that plagued the crypto space. The Quant project uses distributed ledger technology and Overledger protocol to connect different blockchain systems. One of the aims of the Quant project was to fill the space that has existed between various blockchains. 

By adopting the Overledger protocol, developers can build decentralized multi-chain applications (MApps). For this to happen, developers must own the Quant native currency to gain access to the Quant blockchain.

Decentraland: The Power House of Creativity

If you are looking for a virtual world with excellent features similar to the real world, then the Decentraland (MANA) ecosystem should be on the list. The Decentraland (MANA) is built on the Ethereum blockchain to enhance digital product creation, sale, and buying. One of the significant assets in the Decentraland ecosystem is the Land parcel. Big Eyes Coin

Members of the Decentraland ecosystem are eligible to own a plot of land which can be developed or monetized as the holder chooses. The Decentraland metaverse allows users to create art, purchase NFTs and participate in the community decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governance system.

Big Eyes Coin Aims to Be Rated Among Top 10 NFT Collections

One of the aims of Big Eyes Coin is to be listed among the top NFT projects. The meme coin seeks to achieve this by winning the NFT beauty content. As an art-centred project, Big Eyes Coin plans to be entertaining to all its NFT holders. The NFT holders will be hosted and entered with fishy things in a club called Sushi Crew.

Aside from this, Big Eyes Coin is a community-driven project aiming to shift wealth to the decentralized finance (DeFi) network. A network that will give the community members the leverage to make wealth and grow in the crypto space. A community that allows 90 % of its governance to be from the members. Big Eyes Coin aims to save the ocean from the disaster of pollution and overfishing. 

Big Eyes Coin

While it runs on the Ethereum blockchain, the Big Eyes Coin project aims to achieve this through its native currency, BIG. 5% of the BIG total supply will be locked in a wallet to support the conservation of oceans. So far, Big Eyes Coin presale has demonstrated a carefully planned ecosystem, and there is hope that the coin might do better.

Big Eyes

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