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Oryen Network Set To Move Up Price Again, Chainlink and Chiliz Can’t Keep Up


The crypto sector is currently filled with thousands of projects. Each of these projects is looking for a means to be the leading project with the most investors. Projects that manage to grow their ecosystems long-term make for a good investment. For that to happen, a project needs to offer a great value proposition to the world. Thus far, several projects have managed to do that. The best examples are Chainlink and Chiliz.

Chainlink was built as a decentralized network of nodes. These nodes provide off-chain data to blockchain-based smart contracts via oracles. Chainlink will play an important role in making blockchain acceptable to the masses. Its purpose is to provide the same fidelity for off-chain data as on-chain data. Chainlink is needed since blockchains have a hard time accepting external input.

It was built with the understanding that many off-chain data-generating events influence the markets. They include sports scores, weather, and even fiat currency prices. Chainlink aims to provide input to smart contracts, which they can use to execute commands.

To ensure that the data sent to smart contracts is of high quality, Chainlink implements multiple security layers. They include the generalized architecture, a flexible framework for building and running an oracle network. Users can create or connect to oracle networks without relying on other oracles. One of the most important security measures is data signing. A Chainlink oracle must sign data on-chain using a cryptographic signature that lets users prove its origin.

Chiliz is another innovative crypto project. Its goal is to unify the sports world with the blockchain. To achieve this goal, it has created a platform where users can create fan tokens, NFTs, and services for the sports world.

The Chiliz project is built on Ethereum and aims to be the benchmark for sports integration with blockchain technology. Socios, a popular engagement platform for sports fans, inspired it.

Chiliz aims to position itself as a currency for acquiring services and products in the sports world. Holders of Chiliz (CHZ) can purchase merchandise, sports betting, pay for services, and much more. Chiliz has also created its own blockchain to improve the speed of transactions. It maintains interoperability with Ethereum and uses the proof of authority consensus mechanism.

Oryen Outperforms Chiliz and Chainlink

While both Chiliz and Chainlink offer some great value propositions, it has not been enough to prop up their prices. Like most crypto markets, these two have seen their prices tumble. For investors looking for a great alternative for investment, Oryen Network is better. Thus the ORY tokens of the Oryen Network have seen their price increase tremendously.

ORY tokens have thus far risen by 250% amidst crypto winter. It has already been shown that the earliest investors will see their capital l go up 600% by the time the platform launches. YouTubers are already picking up this gem. After that, prices could shoot up hundreds of times. Those who invest right now will benefit the most.

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