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Helium And Cryptoons Are Safe Investment Options For Crypto Investors To Add To Their Portfolios


The crypto market is one of the most significant financial institutions in the world right now. As the market has a low bar for entry, developers can introduce their creations to the crypto community. The open-arms system means that the crypto community is flooded with tens and hundreds of coins daily. The huge influx of coins also indicates that not all coins that make it to the crypto market have a solid chance of success. Making an impact in the crypto market depends on various factors.

Alongside interesting features that make the coin useful for crypto users, luck is also needed to help a coin rise up the crypto charts. The successful coins appeal to traders and holders because they offer a huge return on their investments. Several investors purchase the coins at a bargain price to make the most profit possible and then sell them when the bullish trend makes an appearance. In preparation for the next bullish trend, investors are on the prowl for crypto assets that have the potential to provide incredible returns in the future. Of the many options in the crypto market, investors are paying attention to Helium (HNT) and Cryptoons ($CTOON) as viable options for a profitable future.

Helium: A Popular Coin in the Crypto Market


Helium (HNT) is well known in the crypto market thanks to its interesting use case. While other coins were more interested in following the norm and building their blockchain, Helium (HNT) decided to do something different. The crypto asset is a decentralized network that is designed for the Internet of Things devices. Also known as IoS devices, the blockchain-powered network offers low-energy, wireless hotspots to broadcast data through radio waves. The transmitted radio waves are permanently recorded on the blockchain for further review in the future. By using the proof of coverage consensus, Helium (HNT) can successfully create a unique platform on the crypto market. The proof of coverage consensus also helps the network validate the hotspots, thus providing wireless coverage.

Helium (HNT) gained popularity in the crypto sphere for its greater connectivity. The Helium (HNT) hotspots that fill the platform act as an internet router, connecting everyone to a larger, more premium internet network. These hotspots function as nodes that provide the connection for the IoT devices to interrelate with one another. While that is ongoing, the nodes protect the Helium (HNT) blockchain. Interested users can access the Helium (HNT) network when they link the hotspots to the outlets and switch them on. By working studiously on the Helium (HNT) network, the users are offered their native token, HNT, as compensation for their hard work. With this unique use case, many investors argue that there is no doubt that Helium (HNT) will explode in the coming days.

Cryptoons: Offers An NFT Factory

Cryptoons (CTOON) makes use of blockchain technology in a completely different way than the rest. While others are more interested in creating a forum that aids speedy transactions, Cryptoons (CTOON) is more about connecting like-minded souls. The platform is designed to provide a community filled with lovers of manga, comic books, and webtoons. The booming industry has been woefully underrepresented in the blockchain industry until now.

Unlike other internet-based comic book forums, Cryptoons (CTOON) offers the full might of blockchain technology. The Cryptoons (CTOON) network includes an NFT factory that allows creators to mint NFTs and sells them for a profit. The NFT factory allows creators to convert their virtual manga into multimedia NFT. The artists also have the freedom to choose their commission rate on all their NFT transactions.

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