Boost Your Portfolio With These Cryptos; SmarterWorx, Dash, And EthereumPoW
Boost Your Portfolio With These Cryptos; SmarterWorx, Dash, And EthereumPoW

Boost Your Portfolio With These Cryptos; SmarterWorx, Dash, And EthereumPoW

By Crypto Advertising - 10 Dec 2022

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While the crypto sector is still going through crypto winter, it has recently shown signs of recovery. At the end of October, the crypto sector saw an 8% increase. While it has had a hard time holding onto those gains towards the end of 2022, they are still significant. These gains show that heading into 2023 the crypto sector could make a substantial comeback.

For those that have held onto their crypto investments during the worst of crypto winter, now is the time to boost your portfolio. There are promising projects which you should consider as you rebuild your crypto portfolio in preparation for a prosperous 2023.


The SmarterWorx project has a simple mission of introducing the concept of an art-based crypto project to the masses. It is focused on creating a cryptocurrency that works in the real world and the metaverse.

To achieve this goal, SmarterWorx has created a crypto coin called ARTX, whose value is backed by an ever-expanding crypto collection. The collection will continue growing, thanks to the unique architecture of the projects. With time, more funds will be added to a treasury fund, with the proceeds being used to buy new works of art.

Various mechanisms will be used to collect funds for the treasury fund, including sale and buy taxes from ARTX transactions, NFT sales, and token burning. The art collection that backs ARTX will safely be stored and digitized by Courtyard. The public can view the one-on-one NFTs created for each art piece on a public blockchain.

With time, SmarterWorx plans to build a sustainable ecosystem that will foster the world’s first global fractional investment platform powered using blockchain technology. Via the SmarterWorx platform, anyone can access fractional investment options for blue-chip art pieces from any location globally. It is an investment platform empowering collectors, investors, and artists globally.

Each piece of art will be stored as an NFT and placed on sale via the SmarterWorx marketplace. Once you own a share in the NFT, you can trade that share in any NFT platform globally. The ARTX tokens will also serve as governance tokens for the platform.


Dash is another promising project that deserves your attention. It began life as a fork of Bitcoin. Since then, Dash has been reinvented with many useful features. It was amongst the first coins to implement the concept of masternodes.

Dash is designed as a decentralized autonomous organization, DAO, which means that users can determine the project’s future direction. While it has faced numerous delays, Dash is a long-term project that shows much promise.


EthereumPoW is the original blockchain of the Ethereum ecosystem. Most projects switched to the Ethereum 2.0 blockchain fork. However, a considerable community still believes in EthereumPoW. All holders of the new ETH tokens qualify for EthereumPoW tokens. It makes sense to hold onto these tokens as a long-term investment since they still have a large following.


Both EthereumPoW and Dash show tremendous potential. However, they have been around long, and this potential has yet to translate into real-world value for their communities. The SmarterWorx project is different as it has the potential to be different. It has a strong value proposition and is still on the ground floor. Everyone is welcome to participate in the presale and be part of a successful project.

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