Oryen Network Listed Among Axie Infinity and Stepn As The Best Passive Income Cryptos For 2023
Oryen Network Listed Among Axie Infinity and Stepn As The Best Passive Income Cryptos For 2023

Oryen Network Listed Among Axie Infinity and Stepn As The Best Passive Income Cryptos For 2023

By Crypto Advertising - 10 Dec 2022

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One of the essential aspects to achieving financial freedom is having your money work for you.  There are now numerous ways to obtain this passive income thanks to the DeFi community. On that note, Oryen, Axie Infinity, and Stepn have been named the best passive income cryptocurrencies for next year.

Oryen (ORY)

It is hard to overlook Oryen’s benefits for both expert investors and those just entering the cryptocurrency market.

The project offers the highest rates of return in crypto, with an incredible 90% fixed APY. The rewards are sent out into your wallet hourly, offering a 0.177% daily ROI.

You also don’t need to transfer your tokens out of your wallet to deposit them on a staking platform, and this crucial distinction shouldn’t be missed. With ORY, all you have to do is buy, hold, and profit thanks to the innovative Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT).

Due to its great features and exceptional capacity to outperform other crypto projects, Oryen has managed to secure a spot on the top DeFi coin list while still in its initial coin offering. The price of ORY has kept rising substantially; it is currently at $0.21, up 320% from the time of its initial ICO. Oryen is thus one of the top presales to invest in this year as we gear towards 2023.

Stepn (GMT)

Stepn is a Web3 lifestyle platform. It uses a “move-to-earn” strategy that combines aspects of play-to-earn games with those of the fitness and health technologies. Stepn serves as a great approach to encourage keeping fit. Earning tokens (GMT) for exercising is a creative idea that might appeal to a large market of new users. Analysts believe in its future prospects because of this.

Axie Infinity

In the metaverse game Axie Infinity, players create virtual pets called Axies. Axies are NFTs, therefore they are can be sold to new owners. Participants receive Ethereum-based tokens. Analysts believe it might be a solid investment as it establishes itself as a reliable component for the future of crypto gaming.


Oryen, Axie Infinity, and Stepn all have great strategies for generating passive income. However, what better strategy than just buying, holding, and waiting for profit?

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