Will Big Eyes Coin Become A BIG Giant Like Toncoin & Chain?
Will Big Eyes Coin Become A BIG Giant Like Toncoin & Chain?

Will Big Eyes Coin Become A BIG Giant Like Toncoin & Chain?

By Crypto Advertising - 10 Dec 2022

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Big Eyes Coin (BIG): The Next BIG Meme Coin

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is currently in its seventh presale round. Due to its strong adoption rate and successful presale run in recent months, the coin is predicted to be one of the next crypto assets to skyrocket. It has attracted a lot of attention, leading people to compare it to popular meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

Big Eyes Coin has greatly increased FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) among cryptocurrency fans, and its market dominance doesn’t appear to be declining anytime soon. The community of the meme coin has drawn a lot of enthusiasts and raised over $11 million in presale. The Big Eyes Coin ecosystem will support user growth both financially and personally by giving users access to a variety of opportunities and resources.

Big Eyes

Is it profitable to invest in Big Eyes Coin (BIG)?

Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin may be the best cryptocurrency to invest in during this current bear market. The coin is in the presale stage and already doing great in the market. However, by securing a position in Big Eyes and earning a substantial return in the future during the presale, investors can expect a high return on their investment.

Toncoin (TON): The Open Network

Toncoin, a decentralized Layer 1 blockchain is designed by the popular messaging service Telegram. Toncoin has blazingly fast transaction processing speeds and almost no fees, just like other well-known Layer 1 blockchains. Decentralized applications (dApps) could potentially be built by developers on top of the network.

 Why did Toncoin get separated from Telegram? 

Because of its connection to Telegram, there is a considerable potential risk to investing in Toncoin. 2018 saw a crackdown on Telegram by the Securities and Exchange Commission. That year saw the initial development of the Telegram Open Network (“TON”) and the $1.2 billion initial coin offering (ICO) was held in support of the blockchain project. This resulted in a bitter legal dispute with the SEC, a sizable fine was issued to Telegram to delay issuing a cryptocurrency token until 2023. In 2020, after being subjected to so much regulatory scrutiny, the Telegram Open Network finally shut down and vanished.

But then in 2021, Toncoin changed its name to The Open Network, which was a relaunched version of Telegram Open Network (“TON”). According to Telegram, elite programmers who were not part of the initial Telegram team formed The Open Network. These programmers simply developed a new blockchain based on some open-source code that was floating around the internet. Pavel Durov, the chief executive of Telegram, has declared his support for The Open Network but he stressed that it is separate from Telegram.

Chain (XCN): Permissionless Blockchain 

The Chain helps businesses in creating better financial services from scratch. The Chain has recognized the Legacy Financial Systems & Public Blockchain Infrastructure issues as these are the two main issues in the financial and blockchain industry. Chain aims to speed up the paradigm shift towards Web3 by making blockchain infrastructure provisions for developers more accessible and time-efficient.

Chain has introduced Chain Core, a permission and open-source blockchain. Institutions can start and run a blockchain network using Chain Core, or they can join a growing number of other networks that are revolutionizing global asset transfers. The Chain Protocol outlines the issuance, transfer, and management of assets on a blockchain network. It permits the operation of a network by a single organization or a collection of organizations, facilitates the coexistence of various asset kinds, and is interoperable with other independent networks. Chain Core is designed to satisfy the performance requirements of contemporary financial systems. 

With Chain, you can make payments for any of the Chain’s products using XCN tokens. Additionally, Chain lets users run their nodes, connect them to the Chain Protocol, and contribute processing power to the network.

Conclusion: Thoughts On Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes offers a great opportunity to get onto the next big meme coin at the ground stages before it skyrockets up. Strong marketing and utility alongside its meme fun mean Big Eyes Coin has the potential to become the next big meme coin. If/when purchasing from the Big Eyes Coin presale, use exclusive code SUSHI852 to gain extra bonuses and content!

Big Eyes

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