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Ripple and Chain Nosedive, Bringing Great Attention To Big Eyes Coin!


After the recent FTX crash, many cryptocurrencies have gone down much further. Ripple (XRP) and Chain (XCN) have gone down in value as well due to the Domino effect. 

Big Eyes

But Big Eyes Coin (BIG), as a new token, is still gaining value as it is yet to launch. Let us discuss these three currencies to see if they have the potential to grow soon. 

Ripple – Redefining the Banking System

Ripple (XRP) aims to provide banks with a quick and cost-effective way to make cross-border transactions. It uses the XRP Ledger to operate the blockchain, which is different from Bitcoin’s algorithm. It allows only 150 secure nodes to validate transactions, making it more secure. 

XRP is a Decentralized entity that allows the data on central databases to be transferred to a Decentralized one. Ripple Company is the largest holder of XRP tokens and helps maintain this ecosystem.

Chain – Infrastructure Provider for Businesses 

Big Eyes Coin

Chain (XCN) is offering an easy-to-use way to get into the cryptocurrency market while breaking technical boundaries. It is a cloud-based blockchain network offering a solid infrastructure for growing businesses, allowing them access to the blockchain network. 

XCN uses a multitude of tools to enhance crypto adoption among the business community. They can create blockchain products with help from XCN’s team. Whether it be NFTs, Sequence, or dApps, XCN is ready to scale the blockchain community. 

Currently, XCN has a market cap of over $800 Million and ranks inside the top 50 cryptocurrencies. With more adoption, XCN can increase its value in the future. 

Big Eyes Coin – Bringing wealth into the DeFi Ecosystem

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) aims to become the leading payment partner for online transactions. It has signed a deal with an international E-commerce platform to accept BIG tokens as a payment method. 

It makes BIG a promising contender in the future. One of the best features of BIG is its zero-fee policy. Anyone transacting via BIG doesn’t have to pay any fee for a lifetime. It takes only 10 seconds or less to confirm a transaction. 

The main goal of BIG, which attracted a majority of the public, is its charity campaign. 5% of tokens have been reserved for Ocean Sanctuaries to protect marine life from further survival threats.

Buy BIG Tokens in the Stage Seven of the Presale 

BIG doesn’t believe in stopping, as it has already raised over $11 Million and is pushing the limits higher. To Purchase BIG tokens, you can visit its website. On the presale page, there’s an option to Connect your Wallet. 

Here you’re going to connect your Crypto wallet containing USDT or BNB, as these are needed for the transaction to proceed. Now choose the number of tokens you want to buy and wait for Presale to end to claim your coins. (1 USDT = 3181.82 BIG). 

Big Eyes

As many cryptocurrencies are nosediving due to bad news, BIG is raising big money in the Presale. It has scheduled 15 Presale stages, meaning there are still many stages left for you to research and get on this project.

Additionally, Big Eyes Coin will offer 5% bonus tokens if you use the ‘BCUTE967’ code at the checkout!

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