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There Will Be No Room For Competition With Polkadot And Zcash Once Cryptoons Is Launched


Daily, people use traditional finance options, such as banks, electronic payment, and fiat currency, to make payments for goods and services. This is evident wherever goods and services are exchanged worldwide. However, the problem with these methods is that they are centralized; government agencies or entities control them. For instance, in banks, where user data and information are held by unknown parties who may not be trustworthy, data theft and other security issues may arise.

By providing decentralization, cryptocurrencies were created as a solution. (DOT), Zcash (ZEC) and Cryptoons (CTOON) are cryptocurrencies that demonstrate this decentralization to a great extent.

Polkadot Allows Developers To Get Creative


The Polkadot stage is an open-source computer organization that incorporates the integration of discrete blockchain networks into its architecture. Thanks to this adaptability, clients, and designers can assemble and send their crypto projects and Decentralized Applications (dApps) with all necessary Polkadot stage tools. Polkadot (DOT) is the stage’s token. This token organizes the stage and directs clients’ actions as they use it.

Additionally, Polkadot serves as a platform for other blockchain companies to collaborate on the development of groundbreaking applications and developments that have never before been seen by clients worldwide. The DOT token serves as the payment mechanism for expenses incurred during transactional and administrational activities of the Polkadot stage by allowing customers to participate in key decision-making on the platform. However, the platform lacks sufficient security to ward off malicious activity.

Zcash Is A Private Digital Currency For Transactions

Zcash is a protocol that looks to replace Bitcoin. Zcash was founded in 2016 to offer users the benefit of confidentiality by protecting their financial data and transactions. Through this, it can guarantee privacy for all its users.

ZEC is an open-source token that provides air transactions for all its users on the platform. It offers decentralized services in transactional activities, which makes it a choice among many enthusiasts in the crypto world. As of December 9, 2022, Zcash (ZEC) had a market cap of 21 million, a circulating supply of 10.9 million, and a maximum supply of 21 million tokens which helped to facilitate the Zcash platform’s smooth running.

With Zcash’s privacy being a strong point in its adoption by many users, there is also a drawback of transactions taking a great deal of time and energy to trace in cases of issues that may arise.

Cryptoons Is A Favorite For Users Who Want To Show Creativity

Most artists and creatives have taken advantage of the opportunity to incorporate comics, manga, and webtoons into their work because of their growing popularity. The one that houses these pieces of art and aims to take creativity and art to the next level on a global scale is Cryptoons.

Using Cryptoons (CTOON) tokens, plans and structures have been established to guarantee this feat. CTOON can expand its fan base worldwide by collaborating with well-known webtoons, comics, manga, and other media creators. Users and buyers can acquire Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from creators by participating in NFT events that will be held on the Cryptoons platform. In return, creators will be rewarded with the utility CTOON token.

Rewards will be calculated and given to users, buyers, and creators who participate in events on the Cryptoons platform. This is another way to show appreciation. The Cryptoons (CTOON) token, which will be used to distribute these rewards, has many potential applications on the market. Having a lot of use cases on the market and sectors of creativity has made this token a favorite over Polkadot (DOT) and Zcash (ZEC).

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