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Oryen Network Presale Live, Staking Platform Set To Rank Near Uniswap And Solana


If there were rewards for surprises in the crypto space, ORY would have it all. Oryen is recording a top-notch performance never seen in a live presale. Its current 400% increase depicts a crypto project outperforming expectations and commands a slot to join Uniswap and Solana in the big league.


Oryen is showing the rest that innovation and user-friendly utility tools go hand in hand with security and transparency. Its Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT) is a game-changer for stress-free staking. Crypto enthusiasts like Jim Crypto are excited about this fact in their YouTube reviews

OAT guarantees a fixed annual percentage yield of 90%, the highest in the market. A daily ROI of 0.177% is applied through auto-computing every 60 minutes, allowing holders access to early payouts if they want to enjoy short-term gains. The project has been listed by Business2community among the best altcoins to acquire in 2022. 

ORY presents a transparent and secure process subjected to SolidProof audit. It cushions investor funds through a treasury-backed, risk-free value wallet (RFV). The reserves in the liquidity pool ensure constant payouts to investors, even in adverse market conditions.

Currently, in presale 8, ORY is going for $0.25, a 400% increase from the initial $0.05. In addition, it will reward its ICO holders with equal chances by auto airdropping at $0.35 on launch. The investors are already reaping bonuses from their early investments.

With all the above features, ORY is the next crypto explosion to join the big players come its launch.


Uniswap uses its token UNI to trade ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network. Believed to be the leading DEX on the Ethereum network, Uniswap accords its users the responsibility of managing their funds. As such, no third party touches or controls its users’ funds. UNI holders provide liquidity and control its future through voting rights.


Solana platform is highly scalable and secure dApp infrastructure. Using a proof of history empowers holders to use SOL token to settle transaction fees and use them for governance. However, Solana succumbed to the battering of 2022, consequently dropping market capitalization.


Solana and Uniswap are popular platforms that make the top 20 in market capitalization. Given the popularity of ORY’s auto-staking platform, Solana and Uniswap holders will join the bandwagon and propel it to their league. With presale live exemplary performance, ORY looks ready for take-off on launch.

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