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OKB And Filecoin Are Losing Market Capitalisation Because Big Eyes Coin Is Taking Over The Crypto Universe


Big Eyes Coin: Cute Meme Token 

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is one of the newest coins to enter the cryptocurrency market. This meme token is dedicated to building a community and challenging the standards of the meme token industry thanks to its endearing cat mascot and adaptable taxation structure.

The number of Big Eyes Coin tokens produced will not exceed 200 billion. In the Big Eyes Coin system, all transactions are carried out using these digital assets. Holders of BIG tokens are given a voice in the management of the token as well. Furthermore, it gives people the opportunity to participate in the democratic decision-making processes of the system.

The Metaverse will enable Big Eyes Coin users to achieve big things together. You can purchase and sell unique NFT sets on its NFT market. Using this market, you can develop your own NFTs that are based on cats. 

These NFTs will be distinctive and alluring. At this point, Big Eyes Coin is in the seventh stage of its presale, the currency has raised over $11.7 million and is getting close to $11 million. Each presale stage sees a tiny increase in token price, and given the enthusiasm around the project, there may be a guaranteed boost for early purchasers that are following the launch.

Big Eyes Coin

OKB: Worldwide Utility Token

OKB is the utility token of the cryptocurrency exchange OKX’s. To create an environment for OKX that promotes the growth of blockchain technology and the digital asset industry, OKB seeks to connect promising digital asset projects with users of OKX and experienced investors. 

OKB is a global utility token that gives OKX users access to a variety of the crypto exchange’s features. To be more specific, OKB calculates and pays trading costs, gives users access to voting and site administration, and pays users for staking it. 

Since OKB is OKX’s primary asset, it is used on-chain to support spot trade, derivatives trading, and the concurrent development of several scalable apps. Every three months, OKX burns tokens and posts the information on its official website to increase the value of OKB and make the digital currency more desirable to holders. 

Nobody can precisely forecast the future location of the OKB price increase or the highest and minimum price values it can reach. Bear markets haven’t affected OKB much thus far, but anything could change at any time, so be mindful before investing.

Filecoin: A Decentralised Storage Platform

Big Eyes Coin

Filecoin is an open-source decentralised storage network. The system is created by Protocol Labs and it is based on the peer-to-peer file-sharing network known as the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). In contrast to the market’s current dominant centralised cloud storage services, Filecoin offers reasonable costs for data storage, improved robustness, and no single point of failure. Due to its limited maximum quantity of 2 billion FIL, Filecoin is a rare asset similar to Bitcoin. 

The emission rate of FIL tokens is intended to dramatically drop as the network expands, and the deflationary nature of the cryptocurrency 

results from the burning of FIL tokens when storage miners have their stake reduced. As long as demand is consistent or growing, this could eventually put pressure on the price of FIL. 

The equilibrium of supply and demand on exchanges determines the price of FIL at any particular moment. The price of FIL increases when more people buy it than sell it and decreases when more people sell it than buy it.

Big Eyes Coin

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