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Golteum (GLTM) will launch the world’s first 100% collateralized NFT marketplace


Golteum is about to launch its Fractional NFT marketplace.

This is a marketplace where NFTs collateralized 100% in physical gold will be sold. 

Golteum (GLTM): the new NFT business model

Golteum is using a world-class bullion provider (TBC) that will provide both custody of the gold as well as independent audits and insurance. Thus each transaction will be assigned a unique metadata profile, from which it will be possible to retrieve all the details of the gold bar associated with it. 

Its marketplace will be the first in the world to allow the purchase of NFTs collateralized 100% in gold. And, as the name suggests, it will also be possible to buy only fractions of gold bars on the marketplace. 

Gold is the ultimate safe haven asset, but it is not at all easy to find and store. That’s why there are many derivative financial products that allow exposure to the value of the precious metal without having to buy and store bars directly. 

However, ingots tend to have high costs, especially those of significant size that are produced industrially. 

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Fractional NFTs make it possible to purchase even a small portion, at low cost, but still retain ownership. 

Thanks to the world-class custodian, Golteum’s NFTs are in fact certificates of physical gold ownership, freely exchangeable on the marketplace. 

The real novelty lies both in the fact that it is possible to acquire ownership of even a small portion of an ingot, in the form of NFTs, as well as in the fact that it can be resold at any time on the same marketplace. 

All this with extreme speed, and with low transaction costs. 

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Thus, Golteum’s technology makes it possible to easily and quickly trade illiquid assets, such as physical gold, on the marketplace. All in a very simple and secure way. 

In addition, NFTs can also be withdrawn from the marketplace, once purchased, and moved to a proprietary wallet. They can also be returned to the company in exchange for physical gold, which will be physically shipped to the address provided by the customer. 

Golteum also has its own utility token, GLTM, which is currently in pre-sale. It is the platform’s native currency, and also provides access to many additional services. 

Golteum’s goal is to solve four key problems. 

The first is simply that of convenience in buying physical gold. In fact, thanks to its platform, gold investments become accessible even to mass market investors, lowering the barriers to entry.

The second is that of credit accessibility, as Golteum’s fractional NFTs are secured by real gold, thus being able to unlock additional credit opportunities, such as loans for which it would otherwise be difficult to provide sufficient collateral. 

The third is that of transparency, in that on-chain monitoring allows certainty about the full backing of physical gold at all times. 

The fourth is flexibility, as on-chain fractional assets allow users to access previously inaccessible markets. 

In addition, over time Golteum’s platform will become increasingly decentralized, with greater community involvement and a true sense of ownership. 

The platform also provides a VIP Manager, which is a specialized personal manager who can help with gold market research and personalized services, an exclusive club of community members, asset-backed lending services, trading with real-time gold prices, and an oracle that will be able to interconnect with external data points.

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